236 reviews
  • - Whitelisting for "Ads/Trackers" doesn't seem to work.
    - According to the graph everything ever blocked was blocked today, meaning it is just one straight line from 0 to the total block count.
  • Just installed, appreciate coverage.
    Take all help I can get for protection!
  • I am very happy with the service provided on my computer. I am safe
    Thank you for the feedback
  • When you guys removed the beta version, I really disliked the idea.
    But when I saw the E-mail specifying that Browser Guard from Chrome is now over Firefox, I was so happy.
    Thanks, have been usinf premuim version of software on windows and I'm totally satisfied.
    Stops treats even when torrenting.
    Great ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    Thank you for the feedback
  • ces le meilleur merci
    Merci beaucoup