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481 reviews for this add-on
  • Cool!

  • Working fine with Chrome and but now I switched to Firefox..its not working..I am payed customer. I don't know it is firefox problem or Grammarly problem...Fix it!

  • It has saved my bud many times. Thank you.

  • After working fine for over a year, it just abruptly stopped with the latest Firefox update. This is very disappointing. I have a 64-bit computer and Mozilla won't allow me to download the 32-bit version, which I have on my other computer. Since it works on that, I would have to assume the issue is with the 64-bit version. If they don't stop pulling this crap with add-ons, I will have no choice but to make Chrome my default browser.

  • No longer works for FaceBook or Twitter. Finding an alternative.

  • awesome extension. eliminates errors in writing.

  • The program only works 50% of the time.

  • Ce module n'est pas fait pour la langue française

  • You need an account to do anything, even to toggle it on and off without needing to go into your add-ons tab. It'll display a number in a red bubble just to get your attention when there is nothing wrong with your paper or message.


  • Does not work on Firefox. When I use Chrome the add on worked fine, but now that I use Firefox the addon does not work. Very disappointed as I am a paying customer of Grammarly.

  • can't find the spot tq get into my profile

  • The extension GREATLY slow-down whole firefox (tested with profiler, and official Gecko Debugger) on FF61, 62, 63 (nightly). Can't recommend, because it's slowdown page loading super very much. And without the extension overall browser performance greatly increased. Fix perfroamance issues first before releasing this addon.

  • it is works ok but it seems that there is still some bug because apparently it slows down the characters I type

  • It is good, but buggy as hell. The administration refuses to work on these bugs. This extension is very buggy on Twitter if it works at all (up to what browser). If it is buggy on one service, I don't trust it to work on others.

  • this add on is so disorganized and so difficult to install, after installation it forced me to register, which I did not want, received no feed back and no indication I could use it, then kept on pushing me to install the MS APP version, additional to the non existent feed back forced me to remove the add on.

  • Trying to add to Firefox and keeps saying cannot due to a connection issue. I am connected to the web.

  • Stopped working a month back. Reinstalling didn't help.

  • It will only work on the first half of my book. Apparently there is a word count and it refuses to go any further. Otherwise it is a great app even though it doesn't finish the job.

  • Grammarly worth only for web browsers, but is worthless for android. The should have to make at least a simple writing app for android. Beside, they'd made a keyboard, that don't support another languages, then English... OT..

  • I works well for me with the browser; and while it is perfect on Facebook and LinkedIn, it continually comes up as incompatible with Twitter. I know this is because of Firefox because Twitter and the app work fine on Microsoft Edge.

  • When it works, it's a great resource. However, the most recent update to either grammarly or firefox messed something up, and it no longer works as it should.

  • better than spell check

  • It's not working like it should. It doesn't let me login so I can use any of the features.

  • I enjoy not having to worry about proper spelling and punctuation, Grammarly automatically corrects my mistakes, being somewhat of a protectionist, that suits me fine...