148 reviews
  • Cant get it to work. instruction in simple language would be handy . used to work but now WOFTAM
  • it is removed again and again from toolbar what is this solve it ......
  • No idea how this is supposed to work. Tried to add my library card ID. Added a rule under the default profile. Used the context menu on my libraries login page but it doesn't do anything. Useless and no manual. Uninstalled.
  • Works great. Don't know why others are complaining. Check the settings for form fillout content in one or more profiles and use the extension button to fillout the form. Easy. Great extension.
  • This is a VERY handy tool !
  • Works fine if you set the rules right. Highly adjustable, but Yes it could be easier to use or at least a detailed description.But it DOES work if you spend some time trying!
  • Yes, it does work just fine. You have to spend a little time to understand how to setup your profile(s). All those single stars are unfair.
  • Sehr schlecht. Funktioniert nicht. Sehr unübersichtlich. Nur ein billiger abklatsch vom originalen. Sehr schade.
  • Works brilliantly, extremely customizable with multiple profiles and ability to extend to new sites with field rules. Would quite like keyboard shortcuts to do the filling, but otherwise love it.