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  • This is alpha quality software, not ready for general use. The old version user interface has its quirks but was usable. This new version (e10s) has a UI that is close to useless. So now we have an old version that refuses to work (if your firefox has Electrolysis, E10s enabled) and a new version that is not usable.
  • Hardly to understand, a lot of cryptic fields, only English oriented.
  • No icon added to toolbar.
  • This is the new one that you should upgrade to. Firefox is migrating away from its old addon model to a much faster model based on "e10s".
  • i am satishfied your software.
  • The previous reviews are not encouraging, and the first line of the description that reads
    "an easy to use automatic web form filler that will be replaced the AutoFillForms extension."

    leaves me wondering which product is replacing which??

    And not too impressed with the author's attention to detail. Didn't even proof read the first line!
  • Old version is much more functional, keep that and ignore the update.
  • Awful update. I can't imagine how to use it. User exprerience strongly degraded in opposite to XUL version.
  • I found the the older version is more user friendly, easier to use.
  • This upgrade is crap! The least they could have done is left the right-click context menu in the same order.
  • I haven't used it yet, but its great that you can auto fill forms and from different profiles, so one can help people find jobs and auto fill there profiles!
  • The new plug in is crap. Quit asking to upgrade...
  • I like AutoFill Forms, due to its reliability, and seamless reliability with FireFox. I can't argue with success so will leave it as is. I do note on rare occasions it does not fill in certain information, but 90% of the time, works well.
    Thank you, Darren Chaker
  • Autofill Forms worked perfectly for me. Then, a message appeared telling me to upgrade to the new Autofill Forms (e10s). I did it, and I wasted time trying to use it.
    Don't do it, remain with the old Autofill Forms.
    And to the developer, please, don't put that kind of message until you can offer at least the same functionality. This plugin does not work well.
  • A malicious update prevented me from using the old version and this one doesn't work. Nasty code forcing decisions on users. Bad bad bad. Now I have to go find an old version that worked or another program completely.
  • You could have made it clear you would just delete my existing profile when I accepted the invitation to upgrade. Thanks a lot. How freakin' incompetent must you guys be to not have the ability to transfer a few tables of data.
    Now looking for a new product.
    The original AutoFill Forms is still available. If you have uninstalled it just install it back and all your profiles are intact as they were before the uninstall.

    You got the invitation to start using the new filler extension and report bug until this new extension can replace the old one before it gets deprecated.

    P.S: Importing profiles to the new extension is still not available. I'll make sure this feature is available before the old one is deprecated.
  • The apps was updated, the UI changed a little (click on "update profile" to save your current filled data to a new profile and update it in the add-on settings page) and right now ( 2016/12/20) is missing the import (but it will be added). But the few tests i have done, it works well and supports e10s. This also show that the developer cares about it :)
  • it's just awful. Doesn't work on over half the sites AutoFill forms does. May have to start using Chrome, yuk.
  • I love it ... A++++
  • Currently I don't want to switch from the old version to this one because I miss a tool to import my many profiles.
  • Uhg! Yet another promising looking autofill forms addon, but alas, it doesn't work.
    Someone please come up with a working option for android Firefox users! I know about FILLR & ROBOFORM but neither of them integrate properly into android Firefox, they "sorta" work but only on their own, taking Firefox out of the equation all together which isn't what I want.
  • Nice add-on. But for me, it can not replace the original add-on Autofill Forms.
    The original add-on is a lot more comfortable to use, better ui and more. I still hope that someone makes the original add-on e10s compatible.
  • It seems like it is well planned and might work but why on earth would they not allow a hotkey to auto-fill data from a default profile? That is the most basic item needed for a form-fill add-on.