148 reviews
  • Doesn't really explain how to use it and is not good for buying things fast such as Supreme items and other websites where items sell out fast.
  • Cannot get this add-on to fill even the simplest form. No instructions. Not user friendly. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!
  • Very good extension! Good for SEO like me!
  • Saves a lot of typing as it works in most cases when you alter the rules with regular expressions according to your needs. There are good instructions on the linked homepage.
    The UI needs some improvements though and some forms refuse the input from AutoFill Forms.
    Thanks Sarah for your work so far - would be great if you have time for another update :-)
  • This is an idiotic add-on. I entered at least three times my data but the stupid app won´t save!!
  • Good extension
  • why the bad ratings??? it works for me. it has some issues. think it can be fixed
  • I give up. Apparently I am not smart enough to use this add-on.
    I like to enter contests and I am forced to use Chrome even though I prefer not to.
    Because Fire Fox does not have a decent form filler, Chrome is my default browser.
  • Hard to work out how to set it up , no instructions .
  • cannot find the form page to fill out
  • Does not work at all.
  • A good start, but with a really clunky UI.

    * When selecting 'Fill Forms via "default" Profile' from AutoFill Forms pull-down menu, the form doesn't immediately fill. However, when I then touch a field it fills in. This is very confusing and unpredictable. It should fill the form immediately.

    * Should be able to right-click on a page and select "fill in form" without having to go to the menu button.

    * There needs to be a right-click entries when in a field to:
    - Add current field (key->value) to a given AutoFill Forms profile

    * There should be an "Edit profile" option directly from the AutoFill Forms pull-down menu without requiring the user to go to the Add-ons page, selecting extensions and then Preferences.
  • Tut was es soll. Diejenigen die nur 1 Stern geben sind schlicht und einfach zu dumm um dieses Addon zu verstehen.
  • Très pratique une fois les champs indiqués dans l'extension. Fonctionne bien avec la dernière version de firefox! Après pas mal de recherche, difficile de trouver une autre extension qui propose le même service...
  • no good
  • does not does what told
  • Easy to use and precise. Saves time which is great.
  • fills in parts of the fields. Other fields are filled in wrong. Not reliable and hard to configure. Documentation is lousy
  • I download this add on yesterday. It does what it says it does on the newest version of Firefox. However, today I received this message from my anti-virus (AVG)

    "1 poorly rate browser extension found! This could put your privacy at risk or even harm your browser."

    Because of this message and low the rating. I have removed this extension and recommend others to not install this add on due to lack of security.
  • Terrible-what happened to the old version??
  • Doesn't actually "autofill" the original form like chrome. You have to enter the date and save it. The X for deleting a field is so far away from the field that I kept deleting the wrong field. Can't figure out how to re-add so I had to reset the form and start again. ANNOYING!!