148 reviews
  • I loved the old one and it was very easy to use. This one does not work. Please bring back the old version!!!!!!!
  • Don´t work :-(
  • Rubbish
  • Either it doesn't work or I'm unable to figure out how to operate it. The old version was straightforward and powerful. I really miss it.
  • Give me the old usable version back. I hope this is just a work in progress.
  • Poorly written and buggy, don't waste your time with this one.
  • Old version was good, but I can't get this to work at all with the new Firefox, I hope it can be fixed soon as this was a great app.
  • Firefox Quantum ? not really usable
  • not comfortable
  • Hallo.
    Da ich kein Englisch kann,gibtes das auf Deutsch.
  • I'm too polite to say what I think but the word starts with and s and ends with ks. Got it? The old one worked beautifully for lo these many years. Why, why, I ask, did you change it?
  • Just bad out of the box! Your earlier app was perfect!

    Why? So frustrating.
  • This is some kind of mistake....
  • ...
  • This sucks. Cannot make it work. No instructions. Need my Autofill back that FF won't recognize now. Geesh,
  • Sarah, I cannot understand why one would want to alter an app that was working very well indeed.
    Your upgrade version is far too compilcated. I can't be bothered to work out how to use it.
    The previous version was easy.
    Unfortunately this has prompted me to go back to Chrome....
  • I think all the good reviews here are for the older version or are posted by the person that made this app.
  • Please bring back the old one! Why change something that worked so well. This one does not work!!! I've entered my data and nothing happens in the form when I select the field I want entered! It's out of order and I can't change it! Sucks!!!!!!
  • I'm sorry but this one is pants compared with the old one
  • Very confusing to use. Still haven't figured it out. Bring back he old Autofill!