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  • added about a month ago worked for a while then this A.M. it stopped working Will try loading again to see if it will work. If not, I'm done with this
  • Will fill in my full name a lot of times when asked for first or last name. Right now can't get it stop scrolling so I can update it on the new Foxfire. Can't figure out how to add additional profiles to it. Not very user friendly for getting started.
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  • Hi
    Great Work
    Please Be Update With firefox versions... .
  • Hm, right now it is not working in Firfeox nightly (58). I hope it will become compatible again, beacuse I really like this addon!
  • Very good
  • I am trying to find a replacement for InformEnter that will work like InformEnter but will work with FF 57 when it is put out. I was hoping this would but I can not get it to fill in or I am just not understanding how....it should be easier so novices can put in info, right click and choose what you want filled it. Please make it simpler...like InformEnter.
  • Dear Sarah,
    Please listen to these comments and fix this. You have a VERY USEFUL addon. It often fills things neither Dashlane nor Roboform will but this new version, keeping in mind the Legacy version won't work soon as I understand it, well it just doesn't cut the mustard.
    1. There is no way I have found to have one click fill
    2. When I wrote you once before, you seemed to ignore the FACT that most folks simply don't understand what you are saying when your words are so technical.
    3. Setting the form up in the first place is a NIGHTMARE with things like birthday types but no explanation on how to use them OR what happens if we delete them but want them later.
    So there is more but you get the image. Think of your user, listen to us and do make this work, then put up your note to help support your work.
    Robert Hall
  • Nice
  • Good
  • This crap is not working!
  • great autofill for firefox 57
    works great for me except "password" types that can't be filled for the moment
    looking forward for some more development of this promising addon
  • This add-on is crap. The manual is quite unreadable; I cannot figure out how it works. When you don't have the English version of Firefox it is totally unusable.
  • There is no ""AutoFill Forms" context menu" for some fields which are not being filled automatically (FF55).
  • The interface is messy at best.
  • not work with Android
  • Where's the option to automatically fill in from the default profile? How can someone be so incompetent as to not provide that?

    What's with all the "Mandatory" fields that aren't mandatory? Why are they initialized with stupid generic text?

    Why does the old add-on say to get this add-on when they aren't even authored by the same person?

    I'm sure I'll have more questions after using it for more than 5 minutes.
  • Terrible. Please give us back the original version.
  • Look at the excellent Autofill Forms add. Please make it user friendly.