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  • Doesn't actually "autofill" the original form like chrome. You have to enter the date and save it. The X for deleting a field is so far away from the field that I kept deleting the wrong field. Can't figure out how to re-add so I had to reset the form and start again. ANNOYING!!
  • No copy & paste for profile entries!!! How inconvenient of you Sarah! I took the time to fill out all of it & then "Saved" it ... and then there nothing! Badly designed Form Fill. Terrible in fact. No easy way to name the profile, it insists on ignoring the name given at the start screen, and it then lastly reverts to "Default" which is nothing.

    What a scummy presentation of what should be easy to form complete & use ... BUT, this catastrophe is anything but EASY to USE. In fact my results were an absolute ZERO !!!

    Stop collecting comments like mine here and make some FORM FILLER that WORKS !!!
  • It fills out forms perfectly well with the data I have entered. It was very easy to input the information. One click and most forms are filled out.
  • Does not work at all. When I right click in a field, select the corresponding field name e.g. firstname nothing is filled into the field :-(
  • Sometimes fills info that uses the wrong item, but in general it works out for me. I am using this with Firefox 58.0
  • Not working for me. If possible, please bring the Old features back - at least one-click fill
  • УГ! Не работает! Фтопку.
  • The convenience is a time saver. Great app.
  • Filled my expectations...
  • Très compliqué à paramétrer.
  • not good as the old autofill form
  • unable to open the settings page from the toolbar icon
  • Closest thing to Chrome auto fill in firefox
  • My favorite extension for firefoX
  • Very convenient.
  • The new version is very bad for using! I want to be the same as the old version. Can not work with this app like that!
  • Why can I not give it - 5 stars?
  • This does not work. Was able to use it on previous versions, now it doesn't do anything when I click on it. Tried to update profile but it goes nowhere.4
  • It does not work at all!?! Is it because i use ad-blocking extentions? Don't know...I lost hours trying to make it work...
  • great!! luv it
  • Not intuitive as to how to use, or maybe it just doesn't work.
  • Works good for me with Firefox 57.
    You just have to be sure to save your entries in the settings.
  • I don't get all the negative reviews, it's working relatively well. Only thing that seems broken is the right-click fill in, but the edit button fills out most anyway.