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  • With version 5.5.2 it was possible to set the location of the data source - this seems to no longer be available in v6.0 - this was a useful feature as I could use a common file for both Firefox and Thunderbird text clippings. Is there any chance of putting this option back in (assuming that I haven't overlooked the obvious).

    6.12.2017 Thank you for your response, I look forward to being able to use the same file for both applications again.
    There have been many requests for bringing this feature into the WebExtension version of Clippings, and will be considered for a future release.
  • My Favourite Add-on.
    Thank you for the updated add-on and for releasing it so quickly after Firefox 57. It works well on Windows 7 and everything still works the same for me. I never did use the shortcut keys as I always right-clicked and went from there. No problems finding my old clippings. Very easy to use. This add-on is definitely a keeper.
  • This is the link that will take you to where Clippings backup files are stored in Firefox Profiles--


    Feeling much better this morning...
  • Pretty good, but can you please remove the console.log() commands from it? It bugs the heck out of me. :)
  • This morning I discover the new clippings and I am very disappointed!
    The window is ALWAYS over the browser window. It disturbs a lot!
    All the clippings have the same color, impossible to allow them another color
    ... or did I miss something?
    I would have given 6 stars to the old version but here I give only 2. It doesn't deserve more.
    The ability to add a color (label) to a clipping will be brought back in an upcoming release.
  • Works well enough, current version is a bit buggy though, a few field boxes don't seem to work like the ones here on AMO https://i.imgur.com/2qi7xgw.png

    Then there is the Exporting that seem to not work at all, And I've also had issues with deleting things with the manager, other then that works great and a fantastic timesaver.


    There is one feature request I have for the Dev if he see this, can there be an option to remove this in the context menu https://i.imgur.com/dHTdxyw.png when highlighting text (I don't use this at all, and hate cluttering up this menu with unnecessary things). I do want it to be there for when I'm in field boxes though https://i.imgur.com/oYrCV8R.png
  • I can't doulble-click the clippings to paste them after upgrade to Firefox 57.0(64bit) on win10.. Please fix this. I might as well use word to copy and paste in my document--why have you done this?
  • Really great ext. Small, simple and does the job. I'm using it to quickly bring up useful bits of txt when I'm using the web.
    However, when entering and rearranging the text I found I habitually kept using the delete key, which no matter where the cursor is, deletes the clippings, folders ... Personally I'd love this deactiveated (there is a trash bin on the UI), or , delete key only deletes clip/folder when it's clearly highlighted, or pin clippings so can't delete? Anyway, good job and many thanks!
    This is a bug with Clippings Manager which will be fixed in an upcoming maintenance release. For now, use Backspace instead. If you accidentally delete a clipping or folder, click Undo to bring it back.
  • I am having a great time with this addon on Windows. HOwever, I also have an Ubuntu Machine (16.04 LTS) which just updated to Firefox 57. I installed clipping 6 on it, and I can neither create a new clipping nor a new folder. Nor does the import option on the addon work. I tried reinstalling the add on, reinstalling firefox, restarting the computer.... No luck!
    Please see the known issues list at https://aecreations.blogspot.ca/2017/11/known-issues-with-clippings-6.html for troubleshooting steps.
  • Like the ability to use the right-click menu to drop in repetitive info - a very simple and useful time saver. Over the past year though it has repeatedly wiped out my clippings and I have had to reinsert them. But worse, it now has "updated" itself and insists that I give it permission to exchange messages with programs outside Firefox. Since it can already read everything I input into every web page I visit why the heck would I want it to send that data off to anyone it wants to?! Guess its time to find an alternative.
    A detailed explanation on the new permissions in Clippings 6.1 can be found here: http://aecreations.sourceforge.net/clippings/permissions.php.
  • This addon has always been really helpful in adding boilerplate, whether that's a signature, or a symbol like degreesC.
  • Really useful, I use it every day. I'm also very happy because I couldn't imagine that this can be rewritten as a WebExtension. The Clippings Manager UI looks way worse than in the legacy version, but that's WebExtension. :( The only thing I miss is a link from the options page to the Clippings Manager. It can be reached from the context menu and the toolbar icon, but it would be logical to link it from the options. (I had the Clippings icon in the menu where I could access it when I needed once a year. Until now, because extension icons can no longer be put in the main menu, only in another, which means I can't save an icon place with moving Clippings in that menu. So I decided to remove the icon completely from the toolbar.)
    There never was the ability to open Clippings Manager from extension preferences in previous versions of Clippings. That said, it certainly can be done in a WebExtension. I will consider adding this feature if there is significant user interest.
  • The new shortcut key (ALT-SHIFT-Y) is terrible. I understand that the modifier combo needs to be alt and shift with the new web extensions, that's fine, but 'Y' on American keyboards this is really awkward to reach. If ALT-SHIFT-V could be the shortcut, it would be much better.
    I understand that this is going to be a difficult adjustment, especially for long-time users. ALT+SHIFT+V is already in use (it invokes the View menu from the top menu bar). I also considered CTRL+SHIFT+V, but that is in use by Firefox as well (paste as plain text).
  • Ich habe seit vielen Jahren mit den alten Clippings gearbeitet (Ctrl Alt V), die mit den neuen Firefoxversionen aber nicht mehr laufen. Als dann die neuen Clippings kamen, freute ich mich sehr.

    Aber sie funktionieren nicht: Ich kann keine Clippings erfassen !!! Ich kann zwar eines erstellen mit Namen, Inhalt und Kürzel, aber ich kann sie nirgends abspeichern. Warum ist das so? Wie kann ich Clippings erfassen und speichern ??


    Hansueli Hof
    Basel / Schweiz
  • Unable to export - export process creates an empty json file.
  • Unable to import my backup
    Placeholders are no longer working
    Using "Suppr" to change a character in my clipping text, and one of the clipping is deleted instead
    It's when you miss something that you see how much important it was :'(
    Thanks for reporting the Delete key bug. It will be fixed in an upcoming maintenance release. For now, use the Backspace key instead when editing a clipping name or text content.
  • Great add-on, but I can't doulble-click the clippings to paste them after upgrade to Firefox 57.0(64bit) on win10.. Please fix this.
  • Loved this extension until they changed the shortcut from "Ctrl + Alt + V" to "Shift + Alt + Y". Give us an option and I will change to 5 stars.
    I would have kept the CTRL+ALT+V shortcut if Mozilla didn't restrict extension developers from using the CTRL and ALT keys in WebExtensions. As an extension developer, I'm not happy about it either.