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  • Fulfills need to save snippets of text for pasting. Particularly useful for pasting € sign not available at all in Firefox and TBird using a Surface Pro tablet (i.e. Alt0128 doesn't work). Small complaint that addon doesn't work for the search bar.
  • Been using this for some time in both Firefox and Thunderbird, and get gets the job done without hassle or an massive learning curve. Integrates perfectly with Thunderbird and Firefox, but does not share the templates (both good and bad depending on your needs).

    Only thing really missing is hot key assignment and string replacement functions (for example; Automatically enter the senders name when special variables ($firstname $lastname $sendername etc) are in the template).
  • Great add-on! My only gripe is that it doesn't work in the location bar (address bar/URL bar) or search bar, which would make this extension about 10x more useful. Is this possible?

    Thumbs up for being e10s compatible!
  • Very useful to avoid writing the same thing everytime in every e-mail.
    However the UI is a bit confusing with lots of things. The shortcut to paste clippings is not documented in the addon (you have to read the description on AMO to learn it's ctrl+alt+V).
    Used with Thunderbird
  • Not bad, not good. Half baked addon, almost ready to eat if only text paste would work. The issue of "Creating or pasting a clipping in a web page that is inside an HTML frame does not work" and its solution "To workaround this issue, right-click on the page and select This Frame → Show Only This Frame from the context menu, and then try again." is unacceptable as it means that add-on is in many way crippled.
    Thus, only 3 stars :)
  • must have app thanks
  • i can´t use it anymore, plz do the mozilla verification. i´m addicted to this
  • I use clippings every day all day long. Would rate it 5 stars, however have to reload the plugin daily for it to work.
  • even when right-clicking on a text box (like on FB), that option (This Frame → Show Only This Frame) does not show up for me. Any hint what I am doing wrong... Otherwise a really great addon, which I use very often
  • Been using Clippings for several years now. Recently cam up with a way to share/update copies of it on 3 machines I use. If you use Dropbox, make a common folder between the machines you require it on and set this folder as the default clippings .clipbak data source. Any changes are made available across all machines!
  • Perfect!
    But somehow the localized version doesn't show up in Dutch Firefox 50, it stays in English. Can you take a look?
  • i can't paste the text in chat @ saltybet.com but works when i popout chat
  • Works great on most sites, but I used it on a daily basis on Facebook when leaving comments on my pages and it seems to screw the reply box up somehow.
  • Thanks, exactly what I needed!
  • I have just switched to this add-on from another similar one that has let me down badly but this one is far better than the other one was when it worked! I can save far much more than the other one, I can organize items, make folders and keep text separate, edit items, move text and search, which is really great.

    The pop-up box is great if you spot a spelling mistake in the text on-screen so you don't have to use a separate editor and the drag 'n' drop is better than having to copy and paste.

    I am so glad I discovered this, I wish I'd found it before. I don't have to delete or lose something when I hit the 40 item limit!
  • Discreet, easy to use, the best blocknote in my opinion.
    Really nice.
  • this tool is amazing but ....i cant paste anything from it to our web site.
    is there is anything i can provide to you guys so you can let this tool work ?
  • Since the last 7-10 days when using Firefox and pasting a Clipping into Gmail the original formatting of the given clipping is not kept. It truncates it all together.
    This always worked correctly in the past.
    Please advise how or when this will be fixed as currently the only solution is to manually cut and paste the clipping from the admin screen, which defeats the purposes of your product.
    This poster also wrote to the AE Creations Help and Support forums with this same issue. See here for the full discussion and resolution: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!category-topic/aecreations-help/allquestions/zoVceYV3mI8
  • Since I've updated Firefox and Clippings, it wont paste anything in CRM anymore. Sad, for this useful tool.
    See this blog post for instructions on a workaround: http://aecreations.blogspot.ca/2016/08/clippings-511-released.html
  • A must-have add-on, suites all of my needs. It reminds me of old Opera's native notes.

    Though I have a wishlist. I think these small but important features will make Clippings even better.

    1. All-in-One Sidebar addon integration. It will make Clippings literally perfect.

    2. Show source address favicon in Clippings Manager list, it will really enhance clippings sorting and searching.

    3. Context menu options.
    3.1 It would be really nice to have "Copy selection to Clippings..." menu to perform fast single-click save. Right now user has to go to submenu, select "New from selection" and then press OK. It's kinda slow.
    3.2 There should be an option to move Clippings submenu items into the main context menu. I would really appreciate if you make Clippings menus compatible with Menu Wizard addon so user would be able to re-order Clippings menu items.
    3.3 Add Clippings menu to all fields with text (e.g. address bar).

    Please let me know what you think. Thanks.
  • Since Firefox 48 this add-on is labelled as unsigned and won't work.
    Such a shame as it is wonderful - I use it many times a day
    Firefox no longer accepts unsigned add-ons, so make sure that Clippings is up-to-date with the latest release, which is signed. Go to Add-ons Manager, right-click on Clippings in the list of installed extensions, and then click Find Updates.
  • i have the same problem as Usman in gmail.

    When i click to insert a text. The text is not pasted into the text box.

    I have installed version 5.0.2 and it will work again

    Firefox: 47.0.1
    Upgrade to version 5.1.1, released a few days ago. This upgrade resolves the issues reported in Gmail.
  • Hi, This is very nice add on, I have been using since years, but today I noticed it does not work in Gmail, I have tried both on a new message or a reply message plz check if you can do any thing about it.
    A bug fix for this issue is on its way. In the meantime, a workaround is available; please see http://aecreations.blogspot.ca/2016/07/issues-with-clippings-51-in-gmails.html