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  • Easily adds signatures (or any boilerplate text you need) with a simple right click. Intuitive to set up, you may not need to read directions to get up and running. The text can be added anywhere in your email. Formatting is not an issue.

    I have tried other add ons to add signatures (sorry Signature Switch) and they just couldn't do close what I needed, and my needs were very very modest. I just wanted to choose from a dozen or so signatures. This can do more, but I haven't fully explored or exploited it's capabilities.

    Highly recommended.
  • excellent addon.
    1) i miss a icon in the right-click menu, so clippings can be spotted faster between all other menu text. (like the clipple addon)
    2) right-click paste+submit would be very handy. (like the clipple addon)
    3) url bar and search bar paste (like the clipple addon)
  • А почему украинский язык поддерживается и даже китайский, а русский нет?! Надеюсь вы не русофобы?!!
    According to Google Translate, you are complaining about the lack of a Russian localization for Clippings. Unfortunately, no translator has made themselves available to update the localizations for the latest release. However, if you are willing to do so, you are welcome to contribute on Babelzilla (http://babelzilla.org).
  • A very useful and light plugin, very like it.
    But I can't search some text from saved clippings. Hope can add this.
  • Все хорошо, очень хорошо .. за исключением одного - не сохраняет с заметкой адресс откуда взята заметка.
    Без этого - теряется смысл иметьт заметки в браузере.
    Автор, сделай автоматом добавление к заметке адресса URl .
  • All I ever wanted was to use a snippet tool. That's what this is. No nonsense. Just what I require.
  • I just learn "clippings", while I search ff addons about adding multiple keywords (alias) for search engines.
    It's useful for my firefox on ubuntu. However, my another dual-boot sys. Windows 8, has similar system-wide auto-complete application , called "PhraseExpress", i.e. Clippings will be installed on my linux system at this time.
  • Sadly, this EXCELLENT program is pretty much useless if you want to use it with GMail. It's not the author's fault but, nonetheless, GMail will NOT allow the hotkey combo (Ctrl/Alt/V) use in the compose window.
    Just to clarify, pasting a clipping can still be accomplished via the context menu; it's the shortcut keys that Gmail is blocking when writing a message. Strangely enough, this problem isn't happening in other Google products - namely, Google Chat, Groups and Blogger.
  • FF 33.1.1-34.0.5
    Keyboard shortcut fails
    TypeError: clippingsMenu1.builder is null fxBrowser.js:473

    Note: Mark this review for deletion once viewed
    I've been able to reproduce this once, but it didn't happen again. Maybe happening only after Firefox restarts (e.g. after an update)? I've entered this in GitHub as issue #26, https://github.com/aecreations/clippings/issues/26

    P.S.: I appreciate the bug report. In the future, please report Clippings bugs in the GitHub repo (https://github.com/aecreations/clippings). You can also post to the AE Creations forums.
  • I can confirm this behaviour in Firefox Nightly too.
    Please try to fix this.
    Thank you.
    This will be fixed in an upcoming minor release.
  • Clippings dont work with Firefox 36.0nightly
    Please fix it...
    Thank you
    This will be fixed in an upcoming minor release.
  • For me it is one of the best addons for firefox and I could not be without it. I use it for developing sites and store snippets.
    Highly recommended if you're reusing snippets in your work.
  • Love clippings, but recently nothing happens when I use the ctrl alt v command in the body of a gmail message. any ideas?
  • A great time saver.
  • Please add Traditional Chinese Language (zh-TW) instead of setting Simplified Chinese as default
  • One of the most useful addons.
  • رائع
  • Works as advertized, however, should provide the option to backup preferences and clippings with Firefox Sync / Google Drive
  • Excellent, closest thing to old Opera's Notes I've found so far.
    1) Search option
    2) Embedding site url from which clipping was taken (double clicking on clipping would open site)
  • Used it. It work.s Great!
  • It works as advertised, gets the job done and has some nifty advanced features. Kudos on that.

    But, IMHO, the less polished part is actual snippet insertion (what you do most of the time). It provides a number of methods but most of them fail to feel really comfortable:

    - Context menu forces you to browse several levels of nested menus.
    - Keyword short-cuts force you to assign a key to every single clipping you want to use and you'd better learn it by heart (there's a help dialogue with the key list, but it needs to be invoked manually and has to be dismissed before you can actually insert anything).
    - Toolbar button is possibly the best method, but it's fairly counter-intuitive to insert snippets from the Clippings Manager dialogue by double-clicking on their names, esp. when the dialogue necessarily covers the target text box.

    Creating a new clip is almost easier than using it afterwards.

    Last but not least, a "Sort by name" feature in the folder content-menu in Clippings Manager (just like Firefox itself has in Bookmarks Manager) would be really handy.
  • This one is simple tool however it's the most used addon for me. It save the lots of time.
  • I installed this to assist me in filling in employment applications. I now just create clippings in relation to each previous employer (name, address, supervisor, reason for leaving, etc) and paste them right into the applications.

    One of the things I really like is how you can organize each clipping into nested folders, and that you can drag/drop the folders easily to further organize them. I also like that I can backup and restore, or export and import in case my profile for firefox becomes corrupted.

    I'd highly recommend this extension.
  • I moderate a website and this has come in very handy. Before I had some scripts that would write what I needed but they usually ended up being complicated and if something did not work just right it would mess everything up.

    Clippings has streamed-lined much of the day to day that I do for a simple pasting program. It adds some simple variable commands that I find handy. There are more that I would like but for some reason I found I can not post on the apps forums.

    Only things right off that would be great addition is being able to add to the date option. I consistently find I need to add dates that are three days in advance. So something along the lines of $[date+3] would be a great addition to the program.
  • Great! And now you can even specify in which directory the data is stored so it works seamlessly with synchronisation software like Dropbox :-)