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  • The tool did not even popup anything. Nothing got added to any menu or toolbar. The tab where I wanted to run it, just crashed. I had restarted FF 70 before the last crash and I then decided to remove the add-on.

    It may be of use for other people, but for me, it has been a waste of time.

    BTW. "FastText" does the work for me.

    Regards, Alberto
  • does not work on twitter....
  • Great tool for saving repeated used statements.
  • I love this extension.
    I just have 1 request, could you add redo feature?
  • Very unique and useful addon. But I have to say, what the heck is up with ALL of those permissions.. wow.
    All those permissions are needed for Clippings to function. Go to the following page to learn more about the meaning of those permissions, and why they are needed: http://aecreations.sourceforge.net/clippings/permissions.php
  • Прошу сделайте русский язык.
  • I love this extension. It solves Microsoft's failure to realize that people might want to store more than one text string on the clipboard, and have them survive across sessions.
  • Makes copying multiple phrases and pasting them into one a piece of cake.