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  • Great addon, used to work a lot with it. Unfortunately it is not working with Thunderbird 58/59...
    This will be fixed in an upcoming release of Clippings for Thunderbird. For now, stick to Thunderbird ESR 52.x.
  • l like it
  • Clippings worked sometimes. Very very often it does not! Instead of making a clipping you get the totally false message. ""Unable to retrieve text...""" or ""This page is currently busy. Wait...and try again"".

    ==>> It posts the 'page is currently busy' message when the page is NOT busy. The page is fully loaded and not busy. But the clippings ap just thinks the page is busy, when it is NOT!

    I advise to save frustration and avoid installing clippings. Life is too short for frustrations and rage :(
  • J'aime cette extension car je la trouve très pratique à utiliser au quotidien, mais pas contre je n'arrive pas à placer mais message dans l'ordre que je voudrais du coup il se place un peu la ou ils veulent pour ça que je met une étoile de moins.

  • Hey, was great till a week ago, now it doesn't appear on right-click drop-down menu, maybe because of Firefox updates?
    Update! I installed it again (over the previous one, without uninstalling and reinstalling) and now it appears...!
  • I love this extension, but lately i'm having problems, a box appears saying that my privacy options don't let me use the extension, but my privacy options are the default.
    The database that stores Clippings data may be inaccessible, corrupted or otherwise not set up correctly. To resolve this, you'll need to run Refresh Firefox (more info here: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/refresh-firefox-reset-add-ons-and-settings), then reinstall Clippings.
  • its great, but cannot use feature drag position template,
    please fix this
  • a big time saver ...really, i love it
  • Not easy to operate.
  • Pretty fantastic, I buy you a beer if you would make Grammarly work with Manager! Thanks for your work!
  • Hi! I love this, just one problem is that it isn't working well with Facebook comments. When I paste the clipping on Facebook comments the comment box just disappears as seen in this GIF http://www.giphy.com/gifs/3o752cTQIWIOTgmtQ4
    It's very useful for social media managers like me so hoping for a solution for this issue! :)
    Facebook is preventing pasting of clipping text, and mass text inserts in general, into comment boxes as well as in Messenger. This may be an actual feature on their end, and there are no plans for Clippings to defeat it.
  • The latest version of clippings has stopped CTRL+A (Select All) from working totally. This has been tested on two machines, two different OS. I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled both Clippings and Firefox without success. I downgraded to Clippings 6.0, which resolved the issue. Clippings then automatically updated to the latest version and now CTRL+A is not working. How do I completely disable the automatic updating of Clippings?
    UPDATE: This issue is fixed in version Original reply follows.

    This is a bug in Clippings Manager which will be fixed in an upcoming release. Workaround: right-click on the textbox and click Select All from the context menu.

    Hopefully there won't be a need to disable automatic updating of Clippings now that there is a temporary workaround solution -- but if you must still do it, turn off automatic updates in Add-ons Manager in Firefox.

    If you have any more questions, please post them to the AE Creations Help and Support Forum: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!categories/aecreations-help. Thanks.
  • This plugin is awesome. But recently the export stopped working and it only gives option to save as json which gives a 1 KB file with just heading.
    There have been other reports of this issue, and I would like to get more details to find the cause so that I can fix it. Could you try the export again and see if there are any error messages that appear in the browser console? Please post your findings to the AE Creations Help and Support forum: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/aecreations-help
  • I'm not able to even download the add on- seems that needs like an upgrade or something can you help me?
    You need Firefox 57 or newer to get Clippings 6. If you are using an older version of Firefox, install version 5.5.2 from the "See all versions" link from the sidebar on the left.
  • Will it be possible to enclose it in tags the selected text? I really miss this.
    Thank you.
  • Doesn't appear to be anything like the simplicity and speed of what Paste Email (Original) was, quick and easy. So frustrated with what Mozilla has done to the browser, no longer quick or easy. Truly can't wait for Brave to come up to speed.
  • Clippings is a great tool but I haven't noticed any improvement with the update to Clippings 6 and the following issues are problematic, if anyone knows how to fix I would be grateful:-

    1.Could originally view the shortcut list to see which keys I had assigned, that's no longer available.
    2. I don't have the option to add color to the clippings flags
    3.Search tool is so much slower with the new version.
    It's not so much of an upgrade: Clippings had to be rewritten to be compatible with Firefox 57 and newer, which imposes new requirements for Firefox add-ons. Some features like the shortcut key list and colored labels didn't make it into Clippings 6, but will be considered for upcoming releases. I will continue to monitor feedback from other users before deciding on what to do with the search functionality in Clippings Manager (I assume this is the "search tool" you were talking about).