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  • Clippings for Thunderbird is the most important and productivity-enhancing addon I've ever encountered. Essential for people writing many mails a day. Thanks to the developer for updating!
  • I love it but I can't sync it on my mobile phone. Please tell me how I can open my Clippings on my mobile. Thanks
    Clippings is currently not available for Firefox Mobile.
  • Would it be possible to speed up showing the window when pressing Alt+Shift+Y?
    It used to show up almost instantly in previous versions (maybe lower than version 6) and now it takes almost 1-2 seconds to appear and I use the app quite often and all these waits count altogether.
  • I was enjoying Clippings a lot and was using it the other day till today, when it gave me the message " Clippings won't work in Private Browsing mode, or if the browser privacy settings are too restrictive. Your clippings will not be accessible, and new clippings cannot be created." I have Not changed anything. And why did a page open after restarting Firefox with as if reloaded. Plus the Message "database for storing data from your add-ons is not accessible."
    See the known issues page for information on how to resolve this: http://aecreations.sourceforge.net/clippings/known-issues.php
  • Really useful when you have to write the same boring info again and again in various sites.
    No need to worry about making typo mistakes by rush when you have to provide your emails, tel numbers, SSN etc.

    Nice central management of all texts and import/export features.

    I only wish there was a way to sync my clippings with my Android Message Templates app which serves a similar purpose for smartphones or at least a clippings version for the firefox mobile
  • I use it to fill in notes at work everyday, a huge time saver!!! Only problem is you cannot reorder the clips to your liking, the feature is there but does not save or function. Exporting and importing is somewhat cumbersome too, but other than that it works great thanks!
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  • good
  • This is a great product. Thanks. When a new Ffox update came, FFox marked this Clippings 6.0.6 as DISABLED. Now, all my content are gone. Any way to retrieve it after the fact and import into the new version? Please help point me how I can export the current contents. FFox verion is, FFox Quantum 60.1.0esr (32-bit). Thanks.
    I don't see how it's possible that Clippings could get disabled when upgrading Firefox; there is no "maximum" compatible Firefox version set for Clippings 6.0.6. If Clippings is still disabled, try downgrading to your previous version of Firefox (be careful not to choose the option to delete your Firefox profile).
  • Просто сказка!
  • Stopped working for me.

    When I try to create a clipping it get the message No Text Was Selected. Please Select Text First. I do have text selected.
  • Yesterday I opened my browser and found that all the notes had deleted. Your application was empty.
    Clippings 6 does not perform an automatic backup, so I had to use a backup made TWO MONTHS ago.
    This is a catastrophe. I do not know what to do.