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  • Very useful for my job as a support tech where I need to paste the same text into ticket updates frequently.

    I also use it to paste BBCode formatting elements into ticket updates, so a handy feature would be to use the currently selected text as a preset to use in a placeholder.

    For example I could have clipping that contains "[CODE]$[SELECTED][/CODE]". I could then select some text in a form field, then hit the shortcut key for this clipping, and it would wrap the selected text in BBCode CODE tags. I don't know if Firefox would allow accessing selected text in this way though.
  • I highly recommend this add on.
  • I used to work with O'Notes, however it doesn't work with FF57+, so I had to try any other app, and tried Clippings.
    Overall it does what it promises and I like the way with subdir structure (for that 3 stars), would be 5 stars if not these limitations:

    - Can't use clips to insert in the any "Password" and some "Email" fields !?! - [why?];

    - Can't pin Clippings main window to the Sidebar;
  • parfait pour les petits textes répétitifs
  • The extension floods the browser/OS with unnecessary requests to a cache folder, for as long as it's running. I suspect it might be the reason for some of the performance problems I've been having lately. The developer's support page requires joining a group with a pre-approval, so I'm leaving the feedback here. https://i.imgur.com/VZ8vk3q.png
  • Great addon, used to work a lot with it. Unfortunately it is not working with Thunderbird 58/59...
    This will be fixed in an upcoming release of Clippings for Thunderbird. For now, stick to Thunderbird ESR 52.x.
  • l like it
  • Clippings worked sometimes. Very very often it does not! Instead of making a clipping you get the totally false message. ""Unable to retrieve text...""" or ""This page is currently busy. Wait...and try again"".

    ==>> It posts the 'page is currently busy' message when the page is NOT busy. The page is fully loaded and not busy. But the clippings ap just thinks the page is busy, when it is NOT!

    I advise to save frustration and avoid installing clippings. Life is too short for frustrations and rage :(
  • J'aime cette extension car je la trouve très pratique à utiliser au quotidien, mais pas contre je n'arrive pas à placer mais message dans l'ordre que je voudrais du coup il se place un peu la ou ils veulent pour ça que je met une étoile de moins.

  • Hey, was great till a week ago, now it doesn't appear on right-click drop-down menu, maybe because of Firefox updates?
    Update! I installed it again (over the previous one, without uninstalling and reinstalling) and now it appears...!
  • I love this extension, but lately i'm having problems, a box appears saying that my privacy options don't let me use the extension, but my privacy options are the default.
    The database that stores Clippings data may be inaccessible, corrupted or otherwise not set up correctly. To resolve this, you'll need to run Refresh Firefox (more info here: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/refresh-firefox-reset-add-ons-and-settings), then reinstall Clippings.
  • its great, but cannot use feature drag position template,
    please fix this
  • a big time saver ...really, i love it
  • Not easy to operate.
  • Pretty fantastic, I buy you a beer if you would make Grammarly work with Manager! Thanks for your work!
  • Hi! I love this, just one problem is that it isn't working well with Facebook comments. When I paste the clipping on Facebook comments the comment box just disappears as seen in this GIF http://www.giphy.com/gifs/3o752cTQIWIOTgmtQ4
    It's very useful for social media managers like me so hoping for a solution for this issue! :)
    Facebook is preventing pasting of clipping text, and mass text inserts in general, into comment boxes as well as in Messenger. This may be an actual feature on their end, and there are no plans for Clippings to defeat it.