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  • Very useful add-on if you are using a website that should have auto refresh but doesn't. A suggestion for improvement would be to have the option to activate a notification bell sound if there is a change in the website after reload. Then I wont have to periodically check the websites for changes.
  • Not support firefox Android, please support firefox Android.
  • I'm pleased with this add-on's capabilities, but it may have a slow memory leak, even when not being actively used to reload a page.

    I've been having memory issues with Firefox lately, so I started disabling add-ins one by one. Disabling this one freed up roughly 2 GiB the moment I turned it off. It had been active for about a week (and had probably seen thousands of tabs, millions of loads in that time).
  • I've been searching all over for something like this to be able to disable using the browser's cache to load pages or to backtrack because that stops the page from being updated.I hope that stopping the cache loading fully can be added as an option here with it being compatible with Firefox v 56.
  • 1.need language support.chinese plz.2.sometime it is not auto-reload after setted.3will you see this?
  • Der Reload eines eingestellten Tabs mag zwar funktionieren, rufe ich aber von dieser Seite einen Unterlink auf, und kehre danach zur ersten Seite zurück, ist der Reload deaktiviert.
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  • Doesn't work option "every hour"
  • Very nice interface and highly useful add-on (could add a 30 min reload option)...

    BUT: the settings "disappear" and the tabs stop reloading. No idea why... No notification of any kind. I have multiple FF tabs open (as many as 25) and 5 or 6 are set to reload -- but they don't!

    Also, it would be nice to have a visual confirmation of some kind, maybe at the top-right of the FF window, indicating how many tabs are set to reload.

    IF THE DEVELOPER REPLIES, please provide an email address for direct communication. The support page has many old, unanswered queries. Thank you!
  • good addition. you must add a setting - do not refresh the page if it is active.