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  • hello
  • After the time is set, it will often fail
  • Top app. Easy to use, many opportunities...
  • Best Reloader that I have found. All the after thoughts are considered.
  • Very useful, specially for someone trying to scape from Venezuela and having to watch the gov pages for when they are open to ask for your papers. I use it to reload the page until it loads successfully.

    Could you please include a function for a sound, be it a really loud one or a custom one once the page is successfully loaded?
  • Could you integrate the addon into the tab context menu? (Like FoxyTab for instance).
    Could you modify the tab look or color to identify that a timer is running? (I don't know if it is possible with WebExtensions)
    Hello, although I also want to add context menus to the tabs, I will only do it if it is possible to set checked/unchecked/selected states there too. This is not the case with current Firefox versions, but it will be in the future, and I will be one of the firsts to support it.

    As for the tab colors, I cannot modify it (WebExtension limitation), but I already set a small icon in the beginning of the tab title to mark tabs that are set to reload.
  • I literally downloaded this add-on just for the randomize function, because there seems to be no other sensible options on the web. And it used to be great! But lately(for the past 1 month or so) it stopped functioning properly, it stops reloading after a while(15min-2hours?) and it's gone! That is a crucial part of this extension, no matter how cool other functions are, without being automatic it all makes no sense any more.

    I really can't get it, what's changed? My friend is using it too and there is the same issue happening, so it's the add-on, not my computer that's malfunctioning!

    I'll have to keep looking for a satisfactory add-on all over again if the developer doesn't fix this bug. Hope to hear your feedback.
    Hello, can you tell me which URL stops reloading after a while? I'd be happy to take a look at it and see what's wrong.
  • Long time reloadevery user. Stopping the reload before being able to read the new info and/or make selections and submit was a problem. By tracking whether i'm moving the mouse on the webpage and disabling the reload during mousing seems to make manually shutting off reload unnecessary.

    I would think this is a better default behavior for most. When new data comes in, I, as a human, need time to process it. Also, in my case i have to decide if there is a item i want to grab.

    A 6th star if there is a way to sound an alarm whenever new data is available. I used to be familiar with greasemonkey and i don't even remember how to do better than an annoying alert button after some convoluted logic when the web page wasn't a match to last reloaded. They've deprecated some of the functions i used so my old scripts don't work.

    I'm really looking for a "new data!" voice notice or a beep or anything audible when new data is available.
    Whether this can be done in this addon i don't know. Seems like it would be a very useful feature for many.

    If there is a greasemonkey solution or the like, would appreciate being pointed to it. Thanks!
  • doesn't work. won't keep the time you set between sessions. if you close firefox it defaults to none. pretty worthless actually since it doesn't do anything else.
    "Worthless" is pretty subjective, there are countless other users who'd testify differently. It is not appropriate to downvote an addon just because it is not useful to you personally, whereas it works as intended. Nevertheless, the Remember Page option might do what you want.
  • Really good and helpful. I used a previous / different plug-in which does not work / is not maintenad for the newer Firefox and this one come just in handy! Only problems I sometimes have is with Web-addresses which uses a "TOC2 Window" design, when auto-reloading the left panel disappear, but this can be worked arround with a "Back" action on the Browser. Still way better and simple than loggin in again.
  • This keeps losing its settings. I set a particular page for 15 minutes, go back, see it has not reloaded, check and the setting is gone.
  • Amazing extension, but what would make it really outstanding is the option send an email to alert of every page change. They would certainly kill some business there... ;)
  • Great add on. The only funny thing is I do NOT have disable cache selected, but it's reloading as if I do, with all images loading fresh. I hope you can fix this, as I'm sure it's making things use more resources than needed.
    EDIT: Hi! As promised I uploaded 1.5.2 with the fix for the caching problem. It should be visible on AMO in a couple of minutes.

    Oh, you're right, I haven't noticed this. Thanks for letting me know, I will publish a hotfix for this in the next 24 hours. This is a regression in the 1.5 series, used to work before that.
  • When I close Firefox 57 and restart where I left off, I have to reconfigure every page again with RealoadMatic. Isn't there a way so the settings stick...? Thanks.

    Thanks! Yes, I missed this setting. (I already have the latest version). Cheers.
    Hi! There is a setting already you might have missed. Turn on "Remember page" and the addon will remember the settings for the URL where you enabled it. Note it remembers URLs, not tabs. If you don't see this option, then you do not have the latest version of ReloadMatic, so make sure you check for updates first.
  • It gives me real-time progress of my tabs
  • Is it possible to make extension compatibility with Tree Style Tab? So we can reload tab or tab's tree from side bar?
    I've checked into this, and it doesn't seem technically possible yet. Tree Style tab needs to implement appropriate APIs first, and although there is an API for adding context menus to TST, it doesn't support context menus with either checkboxes or radio buttons. If you want TST integration, please file a feature request with them first.
  • Work fine with ff 58 beta
    I was searchin for a new reload extension since ff 57 disabled my old reload extension.
    I think I found the good one.

    When I go ReloadMatic settings, there is a remembered pages bloc. Is it possible to have a bloc with all reload pages and reload setting for each ?

    Is it possible to add the reload menu in the tab context menu ?
    > When I go ReloadMatic settings, there is a remembered pages bloc. Is it possible to have a bloc with all reload pages and reload setting for each ?
    If a lot of people would like to have it, yes.

    > Is it possible to add the reload menu in the tab context menu ?
    This is not possible since FF57. While I can add a context menu to tab headers, there is no way to make it dynamic like with page context menus, and even there I'm using a hacky workaround to make even that possible. So unfortunately we need to wait for Mozilla to improve the WebExtensions system first. But as soon as it become possible, I will surely add tab context menus. Promise ;)