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  • Вы уроды требуете постоянно новой версии!!!!!! Задолбался качать! ПРИДУРКИ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Almost perfect. The "smart timing" feature (where it doesn't reload if you're typing text onto a page) is essential, and not supported by any of the other refresh add-ons. Without that, you run the risk of loosing whatever you're typing if a refresh happens at an awkward time. My main complaint is that it forgets everything when you manually reload the tab (or the browser shuts down), so you need to manually re-enable autorefresh on the tabs. Only takes a few seconds, but is annoying nonetheless. I want a permanent connection between certain URLs and reloading, so that whenever I bring up a given site, it will automatically reload.
  • Works really well. I had been using Super Auto Refresh, but it's disabled now because of security issues. The only thing I miss is a countdown timer . . .
  • very very good!
  • I really like this app. It works exactly as advertised, reloading a single page at a predetermined interval set by me. Even though I have many pages open at once, it will reload the one page I want it to. (With the "sticky reload" box checked.) Love it!
  • It stopped working with 66.0.5. The icon that used to be next to the settings button on the top right corner is gone. I removed and reinstalled the add-in, and I can still only access it by right clicking on the tab I want to modify. I modify a tab to refresh every five minutes and after the first refresh, it is unset and doesn't refresh again.
  • Works super, unfortunately since 06.May 2019 it's blocked by Firefox because it needs to be signed by the author.
    Please make it work again! Please!
    Hello, thank you for your rating. Unfortunately it is not my signature that is missing, but a general certificate failure on Mozilla's side that affected all Firefox extensions from all authors. You can find more details at https://blog.mozilla.org/addons/2019/05/04/update-regarding-add-ons-in-firefox/ .

    To solve the problem, make sure to update to the latest Firefox version, and if ReloadMatic doesn't get re-enabled automatically (Mozilla claims this might happen to some users), then try reintalling the extension after the Firefox update. Let me know if you still have problems then.
  • Why not adding an option to keep the list of tabs to reload on restart ? And maybe sync between different computers ? Thank you.
  • connot install
  • To fix the page stops refreshing issue, you must check: Remember this page on every single tab. If you dont do that, the page will not refresh. This setting should be enabled by default as users think this is not working. For this, I knocked off one star. As long as this workaround fixes the issue, I will go with this add-on.
  • I love using this performant reloadmatic addons for FF and its great features. I need to use it with Chrome and Opera. I have installed it but the addon doesn't work on Chrome because of several errors detected such as : Unrecognized manifest key 'applications'. Permission 'menus' is unknown or URL pattern is malformed. found unexpected key 'browser_style' or Uncaught ReferenceError: browser is not defined
    I have been looking for an alternative with partly same features on Chrome but without succes.
    Do you believe there is a chance to get it working on Chrome and so how to implement it or correct it or do you know a good alternative to Reloadmatic.