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  • Thx for the addon! Very flexible and works as intended (been using it for a couple of days).
  • good addon- even with smart timing on- it still refreshes after Ive typed 10 mins into a web field! Can this be fixed? Or add a warning countdown when it will refresh?
    [This is an edited reply] Hi! Version 1.6 has been released and it adds the ability to disable reloading if you start typing into a text field (this is now even the default behavior). The "Smart Timing" feature is now also configurable in the addon settings. This version should solve your earlier problem. I hope you like it :)
  • good
  • works and has the features i need
  • So far has been an exact replacement for my old tab reloader. Only thing I'd suggest, for the Custom Timing , just state that it is looking for a count by seconds, not minutes. Or have the option to select minutes or seconds while in the custom section.

    Edit: Read the textbox before jumping to it. The examples tell you exactly what is needed. Thanks pylo!
    Hi, you can actually already do that. In the custom interval popup, you can also enter values such as "2min 30s". See the examples in the same dialog ;) Thanks for writing
  • Does not work in the way it should. Stops reloading after a few times ...
    Hi, enable Sticky Reload and disable Smart Timing (latter might not be needed). You can make these the default options in the add-on settings. FAQ has explanation.
  • La idea de la extensión es buena, pero no funciona.
    He leído en otra opinion que el intervalo de actualización es de 20 minutos, pero yo, a parte de necesitar un intervalo de actualización más corto (como de un minuto) no he visto tampoco cambio alguno (a pesar de haber hecho cambios tanto en mi propio blog como en otra web.

    Pensaba que era una extensión tipo Reload Every, ya que salió buscando esa otra, pero no lo es
    Esto es traducido por google, lo siento por los errores de lenguaje. Seguramente puede establecer intervalos muy cortos, incluso 1 segundo. Su información de aproximadamente 20 minutos es incorrecta. Además, dices que la página no se recargó. Esto es probablemente porque necesita habilitar la opción StickyReload si desea que se comporte como ReloadEvery. Pero consulte las preguntas frecuentes incluidas también. Estoy seguro de que esto es solo un malentendido y que el complemento debería funcionar bien. Si te das cuenta de lo que salió mal y tu problema está resuelto, me gustaría que tu opinión esté actualizada.
  • The only thing missing from this great add-on is a marker on the tab icon to provide an ongoing reminder that reload has been turned on. Other than that, it's great work.
    Hi! I would love to add that as I find it very useful, but unfortunately the new WebExtensions framework in Firefox doesn't allow that :( So unless Mozilla takes measures, this is impossible for now as far as I know.
  • Fantastic add-on, the 'Remember Page' option in particular puts it ahead of the alternatives for me! Thanks pylo!
  • LOVE it! This was just what I needed. I use Zoneminder on Linux Mint 18.2 to monitor 9 security cameras at our home. My issue was that PC's using the "Montage view" left on for long periods or overnight would drop cameras causing errors and slow the whole system down. After refreshing the page things would straighten right out. But now with your extension I'm having no more issues and my cameras are always there when I check in the morning. Thank you for such a simple solution! 73,s my friend!
  • There's no option to set a common reload time for all tabs opened, as in the older version?
    Do I have to set the reload time on every tab, one by one?

    Edit 1: Thanks for the "Reload all tabs"! It worked! Just an issue: when I set it to reload on all tabs, it includes all the windows opened, can you change it to reload all tabs in the "current window" or in "all windows"? Also loved the "Remember page" option :D
    Edit2: Hi again! I've just released 1.5.1 and "Reload all" now only reloads tabs in the current window, which I agree is much closer to what users would normally expect. Thank you for your suggestion.

    Hi, I have updated the addon, and you can now apply the reload properties of the current tab to all others. Let me know in the review if it works for you :)
  • Simply doesn't work - it does not matter what setting since won't reload no matter what I do... Thanks for trying though.
    Hi, no other reviewer ever reported the reload not working, and I also don't know of any situation where it shouldn't. Please have a look at the FAQ included in the new version, maybe it will help solve your problem. Otherwise, can you please give me the URL where it doesn't work? I'd be glad to investigate if there is really a problem with the add-on.
  • Hi, i have a request. Could you please have that "do you know what you are doing" in custom interval optional? Like ask only once, or have the ability to turn that warning off at own risk?
    EDIT: Hi, I have released version 1.5, and it is now possible to turn off that warning after being asked for the first time. I hope you like it :) There are a lot of other improvements too, see the changelog if you are interested.

    Thx for the suggestion. I will make that possible in the next release at the same time with the other improvements. I will write here to let you know when done.
  • Hey!
    Thanks for this Add-on!
  • Edit: Missed the explanation at the bottom of the about page. Addon works as advertised.

    Why the heck does this need access to my browsing history? That seems like an invasion of privacy.
    All the permissions and also the reasons why they are needed are already explained on the add-on's page (under "About this extension" at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/reloadmatic/). There is no invasion of privacy, I keep that in high regard. The source code is also publicly visible at GitHub, so there is nothing I can hide.

    Quoting to answer your question: "There are some pages that cannot be reloaded properly without adding new (unwanted) items to your browser history. This permission allows the addon to readjust your history in such cases to keep it tidy and correct."

    If you feel your concerns have been addressed, please revise your vote.
  • Custom timers are not stored

    Setting a timer to a non-table-listed intervall works for the duration of that session but is not stored, at least not applied after a restart. My test objects happen to be pinned tabs, jftr.

    Custom timings (like 20 minutes or so) should also be added to the list, to free the user from the burden to enter it again and again.

    Three asterisks space to perfection - looking forward so set them all.

    (ff57, w7pro, 64 bit)
    Hi, I have just released version 1.5. While custom intervals still cannot be added as presets, it is now possible to remember the exact settings for an URL so that you don't have to set them every time you visit - including custom intervals. I hope this makes the addon more suitable for you. Please let me know what you think, and maybe update the review if you think this is appropriate.
  • Super!
  • Thank you for all the hard work in making this extension work with the latest FF.

    I do have one problem with it, however. I used reload every, on a website that has many pages, often I browsed several pages and then returned to the first page but my reload settings were intact. In the new extension once you go to second page the settings are set to "Don't reload".

    I hope you will find a way to add an option for cases like mine.

    I think that most of the negative reviews are because of this. Since at first I also thought that ReloadMatic just doesn't remember my reload settings, but it seems that the setting are set to "Don't reload" once you visit a link within the tab.

    Edit: I can confirm that all it takes is a single link press within a tab and reload setting defaults to "Don't reload"

    Edit2: is sticky reload something that will be available in the next update? I can understand what your are saying, but it seems that most people prefer how the old plugin functioned. If I ctrl click a link on a site so it opens in a new window the reload settings still default back to "don't reload", I'm not even leaving the page at that point.
    Edit: Sticky Reload is already available since yesterday. Just download the current version or upgrade to it and you'll have the function. Ctrl-Click does *not* disable reload, the menu shown in that case is incorrect. I will fix this in the next version. Edit2: Menu bug fixed in version 1.4.2 which is already published and available for download.

    Yes, reloading is disabled on purpose when you navigate away. The idea is that most (ofc not every) users only want specific pages to reload periodically, and so there should be no need to disable reloading when the page is left. There is now a new version with a new option "Sticky Reload", which will make settings "stick" across pages.
  • This drops reload setting. Set it for 15 minutes, come back, not set. and no reloads have taken place.Just the Smart Timing and Don't reload are selected. Worse than having nothing at all. Will wait a short time for you to fix, otherwise it is useless. EDIT: After installing the new version, this problem has been fixed. Thanks!
    Hi, ReloadMatic now has a new version with the "Sticky Reload" option. Enable it and your problem should go away. Otherwise reloading is disabled (on purpose) when ReloadMatic thinks the page has been navigated.