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  • Разрабы отключили дефолтную функцию самой Мозиллы, вот и приходится ставить сторонние дополнения...
  • Thanks. Great
  • Crashes when using for multiple tabs.
  • Would be great to hide extension from unnecessary context menus like for pics, links, selected text. Actually, an option to disable the context menu item except for the tab would be perfect.
  • good
  • I really appreciate the time you've spent developing this extension because it has far more functionality than the other reloading extensions I've tried since moving to Quantum. I look forward to seeing how you can improve it even more once the APIs support it.
  • Needs a button for the menu-bar, preferably something similar to the current reload button that way we can just replace it.
  • hello
  • After the time is set, it will often fail
  • Top app. Easy to use, many opportunities...
  • Best Reloader that I have found. All the after thoughts are considered.
  • Very useful, specially for someone trying to scape from Venezuela and having to watch the gov pages for when they are open to ask for your papers. I use it to reload the page until it loads successfully.

    Could you please include a function for a sound, be it a really loud one or a custom one once the page is successfully loaded?
  • Could you integrate the addon into the tab context menu? (Like FoxyTab for instance).
    Could you modify the tab look or color to identify that a timer is running? (I don't know if it is possible with WebExtensions)
    Hello, although I also want to add context menus to the tabs, I will only do it if it is possible to set checked/unchecked/selected states there too. This is not the case with current Firefox versions, but it will be in the future, and I will be one of the firsts to support it.

    As for the tab colors, I cannot modify it (WebExtension limitation), but I already set a small icon in the beginning of the tab title to mark tabs that are set to reload.