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  • Doesn't work option "every hour"
  • Very nice interface and highly useful add-on (could add a 30 min reload option)...

    BUT: the settings "disappear" and the tabs stop reloading. No idea why... No notification of any kind. I have multiple FF tabs open (as many as 25) and 5 or 6 are set to reload -- but they don't!

    Also, it would be nice to have a visual confirmation of some kind, maybe at the top-right of the FF window, indicating how many tabs are set to reload.

    IF THE DEVELOPER REPLIES, please provide an email address for direct communication. The support page has many old, unanswered queries. Thank you!
  • good addition. you must add a setting - do not refresh the page if it is active.
  • Разрабы отключили дефолтную функцию самой Мозиллы, вот и приходится ставить сторонние дополнения...
  • Thanks. Great
  • Crashes when using for multiple tabs.
  • Would be great to hide extension from unnecessary context menus like for pics, links, selected text. Actually, an option to disable the context menu item except for the tab would be perfect.
  • good
  • I really appreciate the time you've spent developing this extension because it has far more functionality than the other reloading extensions I've tried since moving to Quantum. I look forward to seeing how you can improve it even more once the APIs support it.
  • Needs a button for the menu-bar, preferably something similar to the current reload button that way we can just replace it.