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  • have to confirm reload... every time! Makes it nothing more than a reminder to reload... nothing auto about it.
    EDIT: Hi, in the new version you need to confirm only once, assuming you select the right option in the popup.

    This is only because your page was using POST data, for which there is now limited support in the new version of ReloadMatic. Can you please check once more with the new version, and if it still doesn't work for you, can you please submit a ticket on the GitHub page, including the URL of the site you test with?
  • no german translation
  • not automatically reloading - always pop up which has to be confirmed manually ...
    Update: updated version now reloads automatically - thanks for very fast response !
    Hi, there is now support for reloading pages after a form submit. Please try it and if it works, please update your review :)
  • Работает один раз, потом само ставится на "не перезагружать". Это так задумано было или же это очень сырое и недоработанное расширение. В чем смысл одноразовой перезагрузки?
  • 有没有只针对固定链接刷新的功能,一个论坛网页只想在固定链接刷新,现在打开一个帖也是会自动刷新的,一回复别人的帖子所有的自动刷新都会停止
  • When I try to have pages reloaded, it does not automatically reload page
    I have to click a pop up with "Resend"
    Reload Every worked
    This does not on work pages that have data
    EDIT: Should now work after form submissions.

    Old Answer: Note this only happens for pages with POST data, and automatically refreshing such pages is potentially dangerous! Firefox is showing you that warning for a good reason. If the addon is otherwise working as expected, a 1-star rating (as opposed to subtracting 1 or 2 stars for a missing feature) is a bit unfair just for not letting you shoot yourself in the foot. I'll see if I can implement support for this though, and let you know here in the comments.
  • Firefox 57に向けて対応アドオンを探している最中です。
    Reload Everyの代替アドオンを探していたのですが、このアドオンがそれに一番近いと考えています。

    Mozillaがおすすめしている「Tab Auto Refresh」は秒数指定を「↓↑」ボタンで選ぶか、秒数をキーボードで入力しなければならないなど使いづらく、「autoreload」は秒数間隔が5秒限定なうえに動作しているのかしていないのかもハッキリわかりません。
    それらに比べて、このアドオンは秒数がいくつかプリセットで存在していること、以前使っていたReload Everyと同じように右クリックメニューから再読み込みを設定できることの2点が素晴らしいとおもいます。