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  • It's buggy when I try to hide and show a container that contains a local pdf. Please fix! We should also have the ability to use the same account for all the containers, because I only use this add-on for organizing tabs.
  • Adding an already opened page to open in a specific container in future should be an option. As of now it only shows option to add to default continer.
  • Very useful for privacy and multiple accounts on the same service. I only wish the containers and settings would sync through Firefox to other browsers. It's a big pain to add them by hand to multiple computers.
  • The concept is great and execution has come a long way to make it a generic version of "Facebook Container" addon. A nice way to set and manage user preferences is needed, though.
  • I really like this extension. It's potentially a much better solution to the "I want to keep my work and personal lives separate" problem than other browsers (see profiles in Chrome). I hope the interface for setting default tabs for domains becomes a bit more robust, and that the interface improves for opening existing tabs in specific containers. I know these are under discussion so I'm optimistic. :)
  • Absolutely great add-on!
    Should be a built-in (or added by default) feature.
    It's my No#1 tool for keeping services separated from each other, e.g. Facebook separately contained, News websites with their tracking cookies separately contained, other user accounts/profiles in various other websites and/or services w/o any association between them all.
    It's like having multiple, persistent "Private Browsing / Anonymous" tabs with the ability to define a persistent default container for every website (e.g. clicking a Facebook link will always open up in a pre-defined Facebook container tab).
    I love it and use it all the time.
  • Very good idea, needs more work, but nevertheless extremely useful in 2019s internet