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  • It does what it says it does. It would be nice to have a per-container proxy settings, though.
  • A great must-have extension.

    Not a 5-star since Sync across devices just don't exist. Will update when it does.
  • Can we have an option to open window in container, not only tab? So that new tabs in that window will open in the same container.
  • My golly this extension is giving me a headache. You see, I am trying my best to limit how many browsers I use to just one -- Chrome I believe purposely makes G Suite programs work better on Chrome (GMail, GDocs, etc.), while Edge has a very fast and sleek PDF reader, but Firefox... has THIS!!

    This multi-account container is SO GOOD that it is the one thing that neither Chrome nor Edge have anything close to. For background, I have my personal account (for my social media, bills), a school account (assignments, documents, etc.), a junk account (i.e. for registering to a free anime streaming website), and lastly my business account which also gets busy. I used to lose my MIND having to sign in and out in different websites (E-mail, Office.com, Instagram, Twitter) or use an incognito mode, but this saves me SO MUCH TIME, and reduces the confusion I used to face, trying to remember different passwords or which account I am supposed to be using.

    Thank you Mozilla. This app single-handedly makes Firefox a mainstay as one of my favorite browsers.
  • multiple google and office 360 accounts open at one - solved!
  • This is very handy when using multiple O365 accounts. Love it.
  • Different accounts use the same URL for the same website. There's no way to use this for multiple accounts unless the different accounts had different URL's. Or there need to be better instructions.