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  • Does not work with Waterfox
  • Extremely useful add-on! Throw away regular use of private tabs to switch from personal to work related navigation, and also, isolate your navigation between containers.
  • Este complemento es extramademente útil. Especialemente cuando se trabaja con varias cuentas de Google lo cual trae problemas de permisos al momento de utilizar Google Drive.
    Muy recomendado!
  • This is a great tool that I use everyday to sepperate personal from work, secure from face.. insecure and so on.
    My only issues would be that when I open a site from default I cant then assign it to something and have it moved to that tab, my second issue is that after I set something to always open in a container I will get the notification on next launch asking if I want this.

    Other wise this is an amazing tool.
  • Great add-on!
    Please add a possibility to assign container with one click to the tab that is already opened in Default, without reopening it from the context menu.
  • This is most comfortable variant of multi-cookie functionality!
    Это самый удобный вариант функционала мульти-кук!
  • Love being able to put different sites in their own little world. Able to store multiple log-ins for the same site easily, and making sure that I'm not going to be followed around the internet with ads from different log-ins.
  • It's Very Very Useful.
  • Bugs: (None so far)

    - No dark theme compatibility, it's almost invisible on dark backgrounds.

    - It's fairly straightforward to set up; and once set up you can forget about it
  • Ich wünsche mir die Option zu Syncen & zu "Merge Data"
  • I like the functionality, but I don't like one behavior. I open a work tab to open gmail for example, but it reopens the site in personal container, which is annoying. If I am in a container specific tab, especially a new tab, the site should be opened in the same container.