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  • Excellent.
  • OK. A lot more lightweight than VMs or containers or Qubes. BUT, even this improved version is hugely lacking in control. For example, there's no way to separate logins to different slack accounts, since they all use the app.slack.com hostname, and differentiate by path components in the URI. That's actually DANGEROUS to privacy, since it merges tabs you might not expect it to merge! False sense of security.
  • Very well done. By far the best extension I've ever used. Does exactly what it needs to do. This extension is one of the main reasons I no longer use Chrome. Finally I can have multiple YouTube accounts signed in instead of having to pull up a private browsing window. The features it add should be added to regular Firefox. My suggestion is that they add the ability to have a default container that all tabs open in, and be able to set up multiple containers that begin already open when you launch Firefox.
  • i am a youtuber and i manage lots of yt channel.
    for me , this extension is a blessing..
  • Definitetly 5 stars for it!
    Add 3 more functions, please:

    1. Drag and Drop the containers in the containers list, to rearrange them as we like best!

    2. The "+" (plus) button inside each container (to editing section) to be able to add the URL links directly in the container, with copy-paste, without needing to "open the URL in the container we want to be placed, etc." and gaining more time in this way, when we need to work with tens of pages!

    3. More specific icons, for multiple scenaries, like: games, dating, socialize, etc.!

    THANK YOU for this magnificent add-on!!!
  • Hi please make this work in privat browsing too
  • great idea.
    will be great if you can configure the containers and add and edit patterns for sites automatically open in the groups (general configuration for containers)