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  • Great concept, and works perfectly. Only feature I would like to see added is the ability to prevent non-whitelisted websites from opening in certain containers (e.g. to add protection for the Banking container), similar to the way Facebook Container does.
  • Terrific add-on, lets me log into multiple accounts and keep several identities on websites, would love if it came with every installation of Firefox as its just that useful. Only needs a option to clear data/cookies for each instance.
  • Feature Request: Have an option to clear cached data, cookies etc under each container, rather than having to remove a container and add a new one. Would be very useful :) - Great plugin otherwise
  • How many goddamn times do I have to "Get Started"????
  • Extremely useful and amazing. This is a game-changer for online tracking! The next step up would be to sync the containers between different computers with same login.
  • Does exactly as advertised. My only gripe - and this is mostly with Firefox add-ons in general - is that the settings don't save to your account. So whenever you refresh Firefox or download it onto a new computer you have to redo all your work getting it set up.
  • Absolutely genious! I can finally use google and multi account sites without logging in and out!
  • Totally addictive! For us who use manage multiple cloud instances, this is the solution to all browsing problems!
  • Add-on has a bug to where it cannot recognize the fence icon that is provide by the browser itself inside the Add-on menu. Therefore it is simple a blank space where the icon should display next to the container. (I am assuming this will be a problem in the future if additional browser icons are added.)

    Also wish Mozilla made use of their OWN support forms for their stuff rather then GitHub. Some of us surprisingly don't want to use GitHub.