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  • Bugs: (None so far)

    - No dark theme compatibility, it's almost invisible on dark backgrounds.

    - It's fairly straightforward to set up; and once set up you can forget about it
  • Ich wünsche mir die Option zu Syncen & zu "Merge Data"
  • I like the functionality, but I don't like one behavior. I open a work tab to open gmail for example, but it reopens the site in personal container, which is annoying. If I am in a container specific tab, especially a new tab, the site should be opened in the same container.
  • "Always open in Container" button doesn't always work. You can click the hell on the button it just refuse to open the link in the container.
  • Pretty easy to set up and use. Would like more color and icon options. Also, I would like an option to bypass the confirmation page to always open xyz.com in a certain container.
  • highly usefull
  • I will not longer be able to live without this extension.

    Things it really needs:
    - syncing between Firefox instances
    - a better icon for dark themes (it's invisible)
    - more colours and icons for tabs
  • Hi!

    This extension is very usefull, Thanks!

    I have divided the tracker infested websites I visit into separate containers, So, They don't learn as much information about me. However, It did took some time and I would strongly prefer to not have to do this everything I install FF on a machine and login with my account.

    So, I would like to be able to make a backup of this extension's configuration files and be able to restore them later on.

    One of the files I could find that it writes to is, ~/.mozilla/firefox/profile-folder/container.json

    but it doesn't seem to contain the actual mapping between website and container.

    So, I was wondering where could I find that file.

    I would prefer if the auto-sync functionality is added in this container but if that's not possible, I would just like to know where does it saves the configuration so I can setup mega-sync to keep a backup of those files.

    Thank you so much for this awesome project.
  • Best add-on! Allows me to use multiple logins (personal, work, academic) at the same time, and also avoid tracking from some sites.
  • I would like sort list by drag & drop
  • Icon is still dark on dark themes
  • I would share but I'm actively being the bait Im thinking. I don't want to give away my secrets. Cause this isn't just a safety add-on Its a real tool. To be used widely.
    Um I disagree with post about Sync between devices. The whole idea is to contain seperate your Online activity, but not loose, not share, not sync it and last but not least. If you did or somebody else clicked the wrong button went on wrong site. It cant easily infect everything else
  • This is a very nice tool. Removed a star because it does not sync between my PCs using Firefox Sync.