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  • Resets all containers after being disabled
  • pros: - very helpful
    cons: - No multi platform support. - containers do not retain login information, have to login again and again.
  • Супер! Це саме те, зза чого я раніше користувався Хромом. Тепер все! Привіт, Лис!) Зробіть синхронізацію акаунтів, адже увійшов на Маці, налаштував все, а на Windows доводиться налаштовувати все повторно. Досить незручно. Фактично синхронізація вручну.
  • Firefox is back in top form. Containers make it even better and this extension is a must have. 5-stars for Mozilla!
  • I think this is an excellent tool for enhancing the privacy of my web browsing. For example, I love that I can keep facebook stuff separate from google stuff, or Kayak.com stuff separate from Hotwire.com stuff when I'm comparison shopping. Thanks!
  • Great Add-On. Made me switch from Chrome to Firefox just for this

    If you need to work in multiple Azure or Office 365 tenants, I can't recommend this plug-in more

    Thank you for building it, saves me hours each day
  • Very useful. Lightweight & better than profiles in chrome.