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  • This is really well implemented -- bravo, Firefox! I'm betting you're using standard MVP approach for releasing this. You've got two more features to add for this to make me leave Chrome behind for good: 1) bookmarks per container; 2) syncing between Firefoxes on different computers.

    I know you'll get there and am looking forward to it!
  • Please please please add support for syncing containers across devices. Containers are amazing and perfect on a single device. But as soon as you have multiple devices it becomes a pain to set them up and manage them on every device. I think ideally there's be an option per container for whether to sync it or not.
  • I really enjoy the ability to isolate sites with containers. Works great if you want to be logged into multiple accounts on the same website. Two or more gmail accounts open at the same time.

    This functionality is wonderful when doing web development. Testers/developers can be logged into all the website roles at the same time if desired. Great when used in combination with https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/temporary-containers/
  • Best solution I found for managing multiple AWS accounts simultaneously.
  • This is a fabulous concept, and it works well. But it is missing a key feature that I have come to expect in my Firefox experience: namely syncing. The setup of containers should be able to sync between the Firefox instances in my Firefox account, just like add-ons and regular preferences.
  • Excellent Add-on, a must have! It would be fabulous to have an android version as well.
  • Must have extention
  • Ok in the desktop browser but pointless when the iOS does not support extensions, so will go back to using separate browsers to separate out my work and personal profiles.
  • Best innovation in browsing in a long time. Combined with Temporary containers is an amazing combination.
  • Please, add synchronization of containers