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  • Very nice, BUT missing essentials: container preferences sync + container reordering. Moreover, mobile support + temporary containers could be a much desired addition.
  • So cool :)
    This allows me to "box" all google websites in its own container and all Amazon websites in another.
    Plus, I can have as many containers as I want, in case I want to log into something with different accounts at the same time.
  • The importance of a browser extension like this can not be overstated. The fact that Mozilla them self maintain it makes me feel warm inside. Much privacy very container!
  • Usability changes/default selected container type when opening the popup/shortcuts to open container
  • It's awesome, but why can't we change the order of the containers in the containers list? That UI feature should be a no-brainer...
  • best add-on ever created
  • Very useful. I'm using multiple accounts on for the same site and with this extension I don't have to deal with multiple browsers and incognito mode.
  • This is one of the most amazing feature of Firefox, at work we use the GSuite and Chrome with multiple accounts: this add-on allows me to ditch Chrome entirely.
    I am also converting other colleagues to it, little by little.
    I am an IT Technician at Salesforce :)
  • Good on Firefox Quantum, but natively supported on Nightly
  • Awesome module. Just one remark, it would be nice to be able to set a default page to open.