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  • My tabs are being randomly discard even after setting to zero second.

    Can anyone tell my why?
  • Great addon.
    My laptop has 8GB of RAM and it was freezing because I keep many tabs open.
    This addon solved the issue.
    Thank you very much :)
  • Simple and Works like a Charm
  • my go to suspender atm, the Best at 2019-09-05

    does not suspend currently active tabs that match suspend rules :(
    however does have a nice whitelist and timeout rules
  • ! Malware ,Do not Install it. this extension is malware and damage to browser. this extension increase memory usage of browser and crash browser and decrease speed of internet browser and operation system and make other problem.
  • Good extension! It does what it says, and the options are pretty flexible.

    My only complaints are: a) I wish it cached page data when discarding, b) I wish it wouldn't resume a page just because I've ctrl+tabbed past it; I'd love an option to make it resume on click as in The Great Suspender, and c) I wish it could do more about the FF memory usage, though that last one is as much on Mozilla as the author.
  • My memory usage doesn't really go down and instead my CPU usage goes up, making things even slower than they already were. This literally does the opposite for me.
  • This is greatest addon.
    Makes Firefox usable again.
    Without it Firefox eats too much memory and is sluggish.

    I have also adjusted discard time to few hours to prevent unintended discharding .
    I want to discard tabs only if they are not used for more than day.
  • Unintelligible. The word DISCARD is in no way synonymous with PAUSE. They have completely different meanings. Developer needs to read a dictionary. So what exactly does this do? After "discarding" does the tab still appear? If you select the tab, does it "un-PAUSE" ???
  • This doesn't fix firefox's terrible memory usage.
    Firefox still has memory usage of multiple GB.

    When tabs are discarded, instead of data being saved to cache, the information is lost and needs to be redownloaded from the internet.

    So with this addon you get a combination of bad memory usage and tabs that are basically only links. Worst of all worlds.

    This is not the fault of Auto Tab Discard, it's just that firefox is written with no concern for memory and the Discard method that it exposes doesn't work usefully.
  • With some settings adjustments (e.g. raising the discard delay to more like an hour than just a few minutes) this module works just great. Using it I managed to tame Firefox' memory consumption enough to make it a stable browser again.
  • Amazing! It works very well