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  • Fantastic addon for people like me who tend to have a massive amount of tabs open to remember them, or for reading later but that aren't "worth" bookmarking, and/or for reference purposes, combined with tree style tabs, this is magic.
  • Works perfectly, even with Tree Style Tabs :)
  • Feels really thought through and polished up
  • Interesting to see my CPU usage lowered
  • I like it it really saves memory
  • Absolutely useless!
    Eats up the whole memory and requests more and more memory, until Firefox and the system (Linux) doesn't react anymore.
  • Good extension, but it would be perfect, if there was an option to only reload discarded tabs manually. I do not want tabs to auto-reload if I switch to the tab, because this happens very often accidentally or upon closing another tab.
  • This add-on definitely allowed my PC to run cooler and also made Firefox more efficient on CPU usage.
  • Wow! This add-on truly works like a charm. I love how this add-on allows me to hibernate any tab of my choice. My browsing experience has improved greatly.
  • Saves lots of memory, integrates well with TST and can be configured in many ways. For example, it can be configured to ignore tabs that can send notifications (chats etc).
  • Please let us assign keyboard shortcuts for actions: "Discard inactive tabs" by pressing Cmd + Opt + D etc. Thanks for a great extension.
  • Hasn't ever done anything, but repeatedly reload background tabs. I am going to keep using tab suspender as long as I can even though it's getting deprecated for this one.

    Edit: The last update seemed to get it working and now I can safely give it five stars as it is an improvement over the old addon. I just wish there was an option to keep a blank page there and only reload upon clicking that page rather than just unsuspending when the tab gets focus, but given that it actually seems to help firefox performance in too-many-tabs mode even more than the old per-quantum one did so I can live with it.
  • Odlična stvar ;)

    Pohvale Developeru..
  • Doesn't work most of the time. Only by force closing can I get the tabs to be suspended. Edit: OK, it started working properly after I left a so-so rating.
  • awesome!!!