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  • READ THIS FOR TAB URL RECOVERY: It's a pretty fantastic Add-On, exactly what I always had designed in my mind, thinking I'd have to be the one to develop it. But it tends to lose the URL of SOME of the suspended tabs, which makes it extremely difficult to keep using. (I'm running Firefox Quantum 61.0.1 on Win 7). There is a hack/workaround for getting the URLs back though for anyone interested. Just right click on the tab that lost the URL, and click Duplicate, and a properly duplicated tab will appear at the original URL. Also, it seems like this add-on is doing some extra funky stuff with the firefox memory config to help keep the memory low, but whatever the reason it is breaking pages that aren't inactive or suspended. As best I can tell the pages seem to be losing their cached memory states, causing them to need to be reloaded.
  • Works as advertised, and it's significantly better than its predecessors since it uses firefox's native discard and reload methods. That means when you access a suspended tab it will go right back to the same scroll point on the page that you had it set to before. It's also smarter since it won't suspend pages playing media or that page with the important form that you were half-done filling out. Honestly it should be a standard feature of all modern browsers given how they tend to eat all your memory without it.
  • Works great!
  • This is simple to use and works great to free up computer resources. I tend to end up with 10+ tabs open and I can simply discard them all with a click. It's also very easy to set any tab to not auto discard for a session or forever, per your needs. This is the best tab discarder I've used hands down.
  • Pretty good.
    Maybe not as sofisticated as similar addons I´ve used in the past, but it does well the main task.
    My main issue with it is that as soon as it suspends a tab that I have bookmarked, the bookmark itself becomes grayed out, for whatever reason, so sure but slowly many of my bookmarks a looking "weird". Not that big an issue, though.
  • I have only one gripe with this extension, and it may be unavoidable (for all I know) given the method it uses for "suspending" the tabs. When I close a tab that is to the left of a suspended tab, the suspended tab immediately becomes active again. I would prefer the tab remain suspended until I click in the browser content area.
  • Thank you so much, this is an absolutely awesome extension, it works great and should be integrated in every web browser !
  • Work as intended, with great options for customization. I wish, though, it was more visually clear that a tab was discarded (I find the grayed icon hard to read). Thanks!
  • It stopped suspending after i turned off thenn upon reuse it wont suspend. biggest problem is i lose urls & cant reload those. im on ff60.0.1 plz help me, thx!