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  • This is nice, and works very well. I'd like for an option to temporarily disable auto discarding, though, since there are a lot of times when I work with a lot of tabs and I'd like to have all of them available. Thanks.
  • Auto Discard would be great too! And ofc s/discard/suspend/.
  • Even better than it's predecessor!!!
  • Para ordenadores con poca memoria ram es ideal. Tambien para aquellos que mantienen abiertas múltiples pestañas simultáneamente. Los ajustes son variados y adecuados.
  • The exception with "re" seems not working.
  • Powerful! So glad to regain control of my CPU from poorly written web pages running in the background!
  • This is great!
  • Does what it is supposed to do.
    However, there are a few issues with it:
    1) This addon is not 100% reliable. Sometimes unloaded tab will only have its tab name, but no address - it becomes blank if you will try to load it, so it is unrecoverable unless you can find that specific tab through its name yourself.
    2) It lacks in my view a must have option of being able to protect specific tabs from being unloaded, accessible by right clicking on the tab. Pre-Quantum addon I was using had such an option.
  • Great addon; useful and efficient.

    To the developer:
    Could you make the favicons dimmer when a tab is discarded? sometimes I forget which tabs are unloaded and end up loading them by mistake.

    Is it possible to automatically discard non-active tabs when a certain amount of RAM is being used?

    Thanks for the addon. It's a lifesaver.
  • Greatly reduce my Firefox memory usage, and prevent tabs automatically reloading when opening the browser.
  • Perfect, other than it doesn't keep the tabs favicon.
  • Works well but when I reopen firefox I lose pinned pages and i have crash when play videos in full screen, some lag and finally when I come out of full screen crash the tab of firefox
  • Switched to this from Tab Suspender. Needed something that would work with the Tree Tab (Kroppy) session export feature. This extension does the job perfectly.
  • I really like this add on, but I've noticed recently that I am losing the URLs of some tabs that have been discarded. I suspect the URLs that are disappearing are tabs that I have not yet switched to but I havent tested this yet.
  • It makes FF usable again - without it FF eats a lot of CPU/Memory if you have many tabs
  • This does not work with F58 but if you read the description you will know this works with F59, which is currently in alpha. Use F59 if you want this.
  • Love it! Much smoother than the non-native extension. One thing though: can you implement sync for settings and exceptions whitelist?
  • Great addon. It doesn't seem to discard tabs with forms, though, even if I configure it to do so, and even if the forms have no new text input (i.e. any random page with a search box isn't unloaded).
  • Thank you for implementing my suggestions. The addon is great.