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  • When I discard all inactive tabs manually the extension free memory better than in automatic mode. Why? Can it be fixed?
  • It just doesn't work, won't load any tab once suspended.
  • Lowers my memory when I don't use other tabs.It's working excellent Thank you!!!
  • Very good addon.
  • Works perfectly
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    Освобождает ОЗУ конечно не много, но под убавляет на процентов 5-8, что для некоторых может мног значит каждый МегаБайт оперативной памяти.
  • Could use some hotkeys and an option to only unsuspend on click. Other than that though, it works pretty well. Less memory usage, slowdown, etc. Good work, keep it up!
  • Fantastic extension that really needs more attention. I especially love the favicon change to indicate which tabs have been discarded, since I haven't seen it in any other similar extensions so far.
  • Really helps to save memory and keeps the browser running fast without having to restart it every day.
  • Please add a landing page for discarded tabs (like The Great Suspender in Chrome)
  • doesn't work
  • READ THIS FOR TAB URL RECOVERY: It's a pretty fantastic Add-On, exactly what I always had designed in my mind, thinking I'd have to be the one to develop it. But it tends to lose the URL of SOME of the suspended tabs, which makes it extremely difficult to keep using. (I'm running Firefox Quantum 61.0.1 on Win 7). There is a hack/workaround for getting the URLs back though for anyone interested. Just right click on the tab that lost the URL, and click Duplicate, and a properly duplicated tab will appear at the original URL. Also, it seems like this add-on is doing some extra funky stuff with the firefox memory config to help keep the memory low, but whatever the reason it is breaking pages that aren't inactive or suspended. As best I can tell the pages seem to be losing their cached memory states, causing them to need to be reloaded.