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  • Allows manipulation of the playback rate of HTML5 videos
    13.043 utenti
  • To detect the URL of the streaming audio and video, so that you can copy from the page context menu.
    8.614 utenti
  • Downloading videos from popular sites (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, etc).
    33.834 utenti
  • Want to save money shopping online?

    Automatically get the best prices, coupons & promo codes.

    ✔ Uses HTTPS
    ✔ Automatically get the best prices & coupon codes
    ✔ Works on search engines
    ✔ Product information

    Safe · Discreet · 100% Free
    14.263 utenti
  • Translate entire web page or selected text using google translate
    There are many translators on Firefox. There are two features they're not supported:
    1.HTTPS pages
    2.Page logined
    This addon can translate all pages you can open in firefox
    2.488 utenti
  • Menu Filter

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    Keep your menus in check by filtering out items you never use.
    1.722 utenti
  • Gives you a place to put all your add-on buttons without over-crowding the navigation bar.
    1.861 utenti
  • Loop HTML5 Video and Music.
    1.524 utenti
  • Open in Safari

    Sviluppo web
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    Open in Safari does just what it says. If you’re looking for a quick way to load certain web pages in Safari directly from Firefox, on-demand, this extension is for you. This extension is designed for Firefox 3.5 and Mac OS X only.
    943 utenti
  • Memory Restart

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    Gives you a quick way to restart if memory usage is too high.
    40.024 utenti
  • This addon help you to block facebook ads and change your facebook to a new look
    1.444 utenti
  • An easier management of the user interface language
    2.052 utenti
  • UI Eraser

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    Hide Firefox User Interface.
    1.252 utenti
  • Manage your installed personas (lightweight themes).
    15.988 utenti
  • Media Loop

    Foto, musica e video
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    Implements the loop attribute for HTML5 videos/audios and adds an item to control it from the context menu.
    1.078 utenti
  • Casino Blocker

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    Blocks casino related websites and displays an awareness page.
    1.898 utenti
  • Permanently hides the Ads panel in the right side of New Yahoo! Mail, the 'Sponsored' email at the Top, and ads at the Left to give you a full-width Premium email experience for free! The other option, of course is to pay $50 a year to Yahoo! Inc. :)
    4.363 utenti
  • Pentadactyl

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    Firefox for Vim and Links addicts. The next generation of Vimperator by its primary developers.
    3.383 utenti