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  • This extension is awesome and really helps manage resource usage by tons of open tabs. However, it is missing one feature that looks like a lot of other people would like to see as well, and that is an option to prevent auto-reloading of discarded tabs when you click on them.

    With The Great Suspender on Chrome, I frequently cycle through my discarded tabs to see which one I want to reload, then simply click on the page to reload it. That extension also provides the ability to show screenshots of the content in the discarded tab to help make identification of discarded tabs easier. Using that same routine with this extension will reload all your discarded tabs, which of course eliminates any benefit you get from using the tab in the first place.

    Other than that missing feature this is a great auto-suspender extension!
  • This extension is the best. I have a low-end computer and this allows me to manage how tabs use my memory. I usually customize it to 2 tabs and 60 seconds if more than 2.
  • This tool really works.
  • Fantastic!
  • All we need now is an option to only reload the tab when I click inside it instead of just switch to it.
    Great Addon, Thanks
  • This extension needs the ability to choose what happens when we click on a discarded tab in the tabs panel. Currently it automatically reloads the discarded tab. I need an option to reload the tab only when I click inside the window of the discarded tab.
  • Very useful add-on ! A must for those who have lot of open tabs like me.
  • For me, doesn't do what it says it does. Tabs are not suspended, they are completely discarded. There are no distinguishing features between active and discarded tabs (icon is unchanged, there is no dot). Switching to the tab, it starts blank and has to completely reload itself from the Internet. If I were trying to continue reading on an airplane, lets say, I would be out of luck. Maybe that is what it is supposed to do but that is not the impression I got from the description.
  • Significantly more features than other tab suspender extensions. Allows tabs to be "whitelisted" on a per-session basis, and provides a lot of config options for enabling/disabling suspension (e.g. only suspend when more than 6 tabs inactive)
  • Greatly speeds up my browser with the huge amount of tabs I tend to keep open in my sessions. Big thank you!
  • Perfect to reduce the RAM usage if you have a lot of tabs pined.
  • Absolute lifesaver!