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  • Great extension. Like a buddy said in his comment below, that feature should be included by default (with all options) on browsers. Just a little nasty bug: sometimes when you use the context menu "Open Link in New Discarded Tab", when you come back to that tab, it doesn't load automatically neither it gives the option to refresh. In both cases, you lose the link for the tab. An temporary solution I found is trying add it to bookmark. The bookmark mini-window will show you the URL. Then you can copy and paste and go.
  • Excellent Firefox Extension! Just made a donation.
    Since using it, my Macbook is consuming less CGP, which benefits battery and therefore also the environment.
    Small steps that also count on the path to a more sustainable future.
  • Toggle and forget it even exists. One of my favorite add-ons ever, a definite must-have.
  • Works perfectly ! Thanks
  • Good old, Firefox user 13207224.

    I love this concept, I was using it on Chrome for the longest time and whenever I get a new browser I try and find something similar. I wish this was built-in automatically by now, everyone I know uses 100+ tabs and never closes them. It's nice to have something that will "manage" the excess tabs, keep up the great work Firefox user 13207224!

  • Happy using this addon. It's great. It would be even better if it had the option to automatically discard newly opened tabs.
  • capture a screenshot of whole page, so when I came back I can decide, should I unsuspend it or screenshot is fine for now
  • Greate extension.
    Suggestion - don't restore suspended tab automatically when I click on it.
    This extension is really useful when working with a lot of tabs and sometimes switching between +20 tabs I accidentally restore suspended tab.
  • This is the lifesaver for my laptop with only 2GB ram. Now I can never need to micro-manage open tabs again because they get unloaded automatically. Firefox memory consumption is way below Chrome now. Thanks to the dev!