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  • awesome!!!
  • When I discard all inactive tabs manually the extension free memory better than in automatic mode. Why? Can it be fixed?
  • It just doesn't work, won't load any tab once suspended.
  • Lowers my memory when I don't use other tabs.It's working excellent Thank you!!!
  • Very good addon.
  • Works perfectly
  • Интересный и полезный плагин для тех у кого вкладок более 5 штук постоянно висит.
    Освобождает ОЗУ конечно не много, но под убавляет на процентов 5-8, что для некоторых может мног значит каждый МегаБайт оперативной памяти.
  • Could use some hotkeys and an option to only unsuspend on click. Other than that though, it works pretty well. Less memory usage, slowdown, etc. Good work, keep it up!
  • Fantastic extension that really needs more attention. I especially love the favicon change to indicate which tabs have been discarded, since I haven't seen it in any other similar extensions so far.
  • Really helps to save memory and keeps the browser running fast without having to restart it every day.
  • Please add a landing page for discarded tabs (like The Great Suspender in Chrome)
  • doesn't work