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  • With some settings adjustments (e.g. raising the discard delay to more like an hour than just a few minutes) this module works just great. Using it I managed to tame Firefox' memory consumption enough to make it a stable browser again.
  • Amazing! It works very well
  • This is great so far! I wish I could visit a tab without it "un-discarding" itself though. I can do this with a Chrome extension and it's nice when you're trying to find a tab. This extension makes me need to "re-discard" for each wrong tab I searched in.
  • I categorize this add-on as *essential*, at least for people who use more than a handful of tabs, and/or who don't like wasted RAM. **Ever since installing this, it's as though I installed another 2 GB of RAM. ** It should be built in to Firefox. I wrote angry letters to Firefox about their reckless waste of RAM, and even suggested they free up memory exactly as this add-on does. Firefox is nasty -- it will keep on using RAM till there's 98% memory in use and the whole machine grinds to a halt. I was on the verge of abandoning Firefox over this. No installation of FF is complete without this functionality.
  • This add-on makes my 7-year-old laptop not hang anymore. Now I can wait for the Ryzen 3000 price drop after the initial launch. Thanks bro
  • Only discards some tabs.

    The toolbar icon also appears blank on first click and only refreshes by mouse-over.
  • It's good. Works almost like The Great Suspender for Chrom(e/ium).
  • Amazing add-on! Lots of options to customize it to your liking as well.

    Literally saved my laptop. Now I can continue hoarding tabs like I usually do without the laptop slowing down to the point where it would take forever to do anything :D
  • I have the same issue with my Bookmark Bar's FAV-Icons. Already three of them changed to the Auto Tab Discard Suspended status icons with the dot. How do I get the old FAV-Icons back and when will this issue going to be fixed? Until then I need to disable the Addon.
  • Many of my Bookmarks have the discarded favicon permanently. I have tried removing the Bookmarks, and re-adding them, but it continues to display the faded favicons with the dot. I have tried clearing cache and even uninstalling this extension. How do I fix it? Edit: I have had to disable this extension for now before it screws all my favicons up. And Mozilla has this listed as a "Featured Extension". I am now using Dormancy.
  • Not bad, but far to be as great as was tab suspender, from the same author. Clicking a discarded tab will auto undiscard it, which is a major drawback compared to tab suspender which had an option to prevent that. No more toolbar icon to get the suspend menu options. And more annoying : discarding a tab will get you switched to another tab, but without any options to control this behavior. On the pro side : from what I notice, this extension is more effective than tab suspender in terms of perfs and memory reduction usage.