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  • Very useful
  • Wonderful addon - you can use it as your personal bookmark manager or to conduct a web search and keep all visited links
  • A suuuper useful tool, thanks to the team :)
  • Very good and lean tool to handle multiple tabs and save / restore them for later investigations.
  • not works firefox 56
  • Пока это самый лучший плагин по удобству для работы с группами вкладок! Спасибо! пожалуйста не закрывайте проект! Куда скинуть в благодарность донат?
  • Only giving 4/5 instead of 5 because I can not manually move my tab groups.. Sure I have have the starred groups on top but i would like to be able to drag and drop them in the order i want the groups to be.. Also an option to minimize the gruops would be a great idea

    Dont take me wrong.. I have 50+ tabs and this gets the job done
  • Epic ! =))<3
  • I recently installed it (I know the extension because of Chrome) and it's not working at all on Firefox. And I lost the pages I had.