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  • Outrageous! Wish I had found this extension years ago. Thanks to the OneTab Team for this gem!
  • Having to admit, I already see the benefits of one tab clearly. no more pages of open tabs. Everything neatly organised in a pattern that I can follow. Even catagories. So I don't have to browse to a list with 1000 of links but can focus on what I am doing. I have a project map what I am currently working with. A Techmap for a the technical stuff and a herbology map for my herb research collection. I keep it , there NO extension that does a better job... Thank you TEAM OneTab...
  • Really usefull addon here, with only one big exception. Every now and then (usually when firefox updates), all your saves will be wiped.

    Lots of folks have this problem and commented on it without resolution. It is kind of surprise that you need to save your saves to live your life in peace with this software. Given a bug is here for a years now, one would expect it to be finally fixed, but devs are silent and source code is closed.

    Since it's the main thing (to my knowing) why this addon is uninstalled, I can easily imagine that this exception can lead to extinction of this extension.

    Here are testimonials of other slightly pissed, hissed and by this issue kissed people :

    "TL;DR OneTab extension has major bug"

    "ppl complain daily on their app reviews that they lost tabs"
    "OneTab dev(s) ... have made the user experience uncertain and risky"

    "I will never, NEVER use OneTab again!"
    "All beware the empty promises of OneTab!"

    So please do something about it, for good of all your fans.
  • First add-on I install in a new FF install. 4 stars because it needs some short-cut keys.
  • Add-on muy práctico y sencillo de usar, ¡una joya en firefox!
  • Can't browse without it!
  • I would have given 5*s but I recently reinstalled Firefox which brought back all my Addons. However I lost everything in OneTab. One has to manually export everything which is too old fashioned. If we login in to OneTab all our bookmarks should come back. Since then I've stopped using it.