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  • Love This one
  • I also have OCD like a previous reviewer, and OneTab is just fantastic. It helps a LOT and you dont have to have OCD to use this, its great for anyone. Big thank you to the creator and of course 5 stars!
  • Now this is NICE! I love a nice clean workspace so this is absolutely perfect for me. Seriously! Others suffer from my OCD diagnosis. This extension just cleared my mind and my toolbar. I, as well as my victims are happy girl ;D
  • I don't usually rate or review stuff but this extension is an essential productivity tool for me.
  • Aug 8
    Does not work in private mode. Ate all my tabs, unrecoverable in normal mode.

    FF is 68.0.1 on Windows 7.

    Aug 9 - UPDATE
    Additional info - there MIGHT be an incompatibility with another addon. During troubleshooting, I found that I also had Auto Tab Discard addon enabled.

    I recovered my tabs, disabled that addon and now OneTab seems to be working okay, but it does not recover private mode tabs back into a private window. It restores them to a public window. :-(

    At a minimum, private browsing is not working as expected.

    And if the 1.29 release was just a repackage of 1.28, why is it a DIFFERENT size than 1.28?
  • Used to work in incognito (5 stars if it does), but now when hitting the OneTab button all tabs vanish and won't show up in the OneTab page
  • Ok, at first I wrote a negative review but on a second try it seems to be working fine, once I got the hang of it.

    Will add more after some use. On another droid I often wind up with 50-60 tabs open, which gets kinda slow and uses lots of memory, so this will be really handy there.

  • Extremely useful! Makes cutting through my usual tab clutter a breeze. Also automatically detects and prevents the saving of identical URLs. I have now organized things by order of importance and category. Saves RAM and keeps the browser quick!