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  • 6 out of 5 stars for this addon! For all those pages I don't want to bookmark but still want to come back to OneTab is just perfect.

    Had to learn how to get my tabs back just today after a clean Windows 10 install. A little tricky but found the instructions and was able to restore them. Then I saw the export/import feature on OneTab itself. Had to look up how to use it, practiced a bit and found that it works a treat and I'll be making regular backups.

    Excellent, Excellent addon! Many thanks to the Devs!
  • missing date at frequently
  • EDITED: All my tabs are still there, the addon is perfectly working for me. But it seems it's not the case for most of the users here. I don't know why it's working for me, and not for other users. I suggest you to use another addon, that seems better now: better-onetab instead. Because Onetabe hasn't been updated since 2017, it really seems it's not maintained anymore!

    My previous review: It doesn't lose your tab, and if you want to be sure it'll never lose any tabs, the extension lets you save them to the disk in a html format, very handy.
    This is the extension I use to keep my sessions, close in one click the tabs when I have many many, and save them. One of the best memory saver.
  • I lost all my tabs when restoring them from the page.
  • Only after a while I realized how helpful this add-on is! I am using it now all the time.
  • OneTab lost all my tab data many times. I thought that maybe automatic upgrades/updates on Firefox may have been the culprit, but having just reinstalled it for the first time in a while, it immediate lost many windows of data for me, IMMEDIATELY after clicking on bring all windows into One Tab. Thanks, One Tab.
  • Дополнение рухнуло. Все сохранённые вкладки пропали.