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  • 27 JUL 2019 good one!This add- on does what it says and is so easy to use. Since Tab Plus is no longer available, OneTab totally fills in some of the "void!"
    Thank you. Excellent!
    5-stars are yours!
    Jesus loves you...a.
  • This application is so simple, but I can't live without it. It is so useful. Thank you to the developpers.
  • I *highly* recommend this add-on. However, since a recent Firefox update it has crashing my browser when I click the OneTab button.

    This is with Firefox 68.0.1 on Linux.
  • This is a fantastic Add-0n, very grateful for the developers who keep adding to this wonderful too.
  • great
  • Cannot live online without it! Pure gold!
  • This used to work well, but the last few months I have kept opening Firefox to discover I don't have any tabs or even "One Tab" I am totally fed up with it!! Rubbish
  • I lost all my tab, and the file storage.js was modified 4 months ago.
  • I LOVED this extension so much and relied on it for so long, but the recent update cleared all my saved tabs and I don't know how to get them back! Please help
  • Best extension, so easy to use. Wish it was open source
  • Been using onetab since like 2013, this is for the Android version. Is it a problem writing to the onetab cache file? Whatever it is, the problem is clicking bring all tabs to onetab just deletes your tabs you have. And since Firefox Android's history is ridiculously small for recent tabs they are gone. A lot of research and pages you wanted to go back to gone. 15 saves jntk one tab the first time. After that 4 and a dozen lost. And after that no tabs ever were brought into onetab. What happened to Firefox Android? A lot of the best extensions don't work.much lie all the highly rated video downloader extensions now. They don't work. Get your shit together Mozilla.