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  • WOW
  • The functionality is good; however, the irritation factor is over-the-top. When I start my browser, OneTab presents itself every time regardless of what I choose as my home tab. Yes I know OneTab is there; I don't want it in my face when I don't need it. The functionality is not worth the aggravation.
  • OneTab lost a whole group of tabs, not for the first time. This extension is no longer maintained - use at your own risk.
  • Excellent add-on that does exactly as it claims. Secure way to 'park' your browsing session before restarting your computer or making a collection of frequently accessed sites for easy browsing. Nice work guys, thanks for your efforts!
  • Es muy útil y todo, pero deberían cambiar la interfaz y más que nada hacer los enlaces al compartir duren más, por lo menos 1 semana.
  • Works great, I love this add-on.
    My only suggestion would be to add a right click context menu option for OneTab once a specific tab is clicked, so that I don't need to have the icon constantly in my toolbar.
    I feel like this used to be an option, but I don't see it anymore so maybe I was mistaken.
  • OneTab has been working nice for me for years, but a couple of months ago it just stopped working. I can send tabs to onetab but the directory won't show, so I don't have access to ANY of the tabs I have been saving for YEARS.
  • I lost all my tabs once a while ago due to extension crash in Chrome. But I love this cool add-on and since moving from chrome to FF I'm glad that I can have it on FF, too !
  • Currently broken, FireFox updates DELETE the saved data. Same issue on Chrome, addon seems abandoned.
  • This is seriously a life saver when it comes to organisation. As a student, I work on different many different projects and assignments. I can keep each assignment in a different window, then send the entire window of tabs to OneTab when I am working on a separate assignment. Without OneTab, I would have windows cluttering my dock which would distracting me and suck up computer power.

    I also really like that you can name and share tab groups. Sharing tab groups comes in very handy when I am using more than one computer to work on an assignment.
  • It's just great! Very easy to use and really efficient.
  • The entire add-on disappeared, along with over 600 saved tabs. No warning, and when I try to reinstall or find my lost tabs, there is no help. I've submitted a help email 3 times and have gotten no response. Firefox or OneTab - doesn't matter who is at fault - it doesn't work!
  • Sorry to burst your bubble Perce-Neige, but OneTab most definitely does lose the tabs. I've been using it for a couple of years, and have gone though multiple crashes with no problems -- until today. Firefox crashed, and when I started it back up OneTab was empty. This is unacceptable! OneTab should make a backup when Firefox closes (not crashes, but closes), and it should NEVER overwrite a file, even if corrupt. Two stars, and looking for a replacement.
  • Used this for a long time, then it lost all my bookmarks. Don't use.
  • It works as advertised until the browser updates and then you lose all the tabs/links.
  • Really great extension will be perfect if it gets nocturne or dark mode