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  • It loses your tabs! Beware of this possiblity. It was last updated 2 years ago so may be incompatible with the latest firefox.
  • Used to be good. Now on occasion when click 'bring all tabs into onetab', all tabs are closed but are not brought into onetab - ie they are gone, gone, gone. An extension of this type has to be consistently reliable, else it's worse than useless. They don't seem to be updating it, so I guess it's dead.
  • I have been using this Add-on for years, I am a Tab monster and I am always letting them get out of control. One click condense, once there I will often times right click in the history to selectively reopen the tabs (in a new tab) thus saving my history in order of appearance.
  • Almost useless. Does not save "new tabs" and pages like "about:config". Reverses the order of tabs and does not allow to save tabs in file on disk.