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  • Wow! I couldn't imagine more!
  • Lifesaver.
  • Firefox auf Android 6.1 (ein Gerät mit 4 Rechenkernen, 1GB Arbeitsspeicher, ... Damit wäre die Apollo-Mission ein Kinderspiel gewesen, insbesondere Apollo 13). Das Addon macht aus 300 Tabs, mit denen der Browser noch problemlos arbeiten kann 2 (ZWEI!) Einträge in der erzeugten Liste und vernichtet die Web-Links zuverlässig. Wie schwer kann es sein aus Tablinks eine Liste mit 300 Zeilen zu erzeugen? Unter Windows funktioniert es!?
    0 Points, 0 Punkte. Angesichts des Schadenspotentials kann man nicht von kostenlosem Addon sorechen. Caution! Dangerous!
  • The Android version is not well adapted
  • One-tab doesn't work in newest Firefox Dev for Linux,
    it's only showed white screen.
    Please fix it. I use it every day.
  • good
  • by far the best and easiest to use among the numerous ones i tried. easy and simple, and wonderfully documented
    di gran lunga il migliore tra quelli che ho provato. facile ed efficace, e benissimo doumentato (help)
  • Had 78 tabs open. This app closed all 78 but only saved 6. How on earth does this app have a "recommended" badge if it so grosdly fails at its one simple task. Absolutely shameful.
  • It trashed ALL tabs. Simple as that.
    There is NO integrated backup/restore.
    By chance, i only stored not so important tabs in it.

    More than that : once it is crashed, it stays like this.
    And when you add ANOTHER tab ... it simply disappear, because it is closed AND not stored.