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  • Totally screwed my tabs and session on FF Android.
    FU OneTab, specify if you know it's not working on Android.
  • An absolute must-have for my desktop, One Tab helps keep my tabs from going crazy and assassinating my ram. I love it, and it's the second addon I install on desktop. Sadly, it's less great on mobile, with old one-tab pages continuing to reload every time u start the browser, but I adore it on desktop.
  • It's OK. as long as all of the tabs are loaded in Firefox (not asleep), this extension will suspend them to the mobile browser; for this I'd recommend a feature that refreshes all Firefox mobile tabs, if that is possible. My one biggest gripe is that it is lacking many features from the desktop version, such as the option to not open onetab at startup. Please add these, as it is really annoyong having the onetab page pop up whenever I open a link in Firefox.
  • I NEVER post reviews, so you know it is BAD when I'm forced to. Onetab crashed my browser and now I've lost months of research. I just installed the add-on, while I had over 1250 tabs in my browser. After installation I clicked on the icon, thinking it would pop open a selection window like many other add-ons. NOPE, Onetab closed ALL my tabs, which is not what I wanted. I saw the option to restore all so I selected that. It reopened all tabs (1250) but as you may know Firefox cannot handle opening that many tabs at once and it hung Firefox up. I gave it my normal 15 minutes to see if it would recover, it did not so I had to do a forced power off reboot. I've been using Firefox for almost 20 years, so I deeply understand how it handles the hundreds and sometime thousands of tabs I will have open for my research. Of course you can never reload all tabs at one time as when you have to many tabs active it slows down or crashes Firefox. So I reboot my machine once per day or after working on several hundred tabs. When it reopens I can go to the tabs I need to continue work on and only those will open.

    After the crash, Only the Onetab tab was open, my 1250 tabs were gone and the Onetab showed no saved tabs. I tried using the standard Firefox "Restore All Tabs" function and it only opened 24 of my 1250 tabs, the rest were completely gone. I tried going to my History and copied all tabs from the last 7 days, but got 3,654 tabs, and I only worked on maybe 300 tabs in the last week. I then copied all tabs from the last month and got 7,359 tabs. While I've never copied tabs from the History section I've never seen numbers like that. I backup all tabs once per week to a bookmark file. When I copy all tabs from there it is always the exact number I have open, in the case of last weeks backup it was 2,641. Last week, as normal, I see it is that high and I go and close as many old research tabs as possible, so that is why this week it was down to 1250 tabs. But not Onetab, while a great concept has cost me the lost of one week of work. I could spend the entire rest of the day painfully going through the last weeks history and reopening every single lost tab, one by one, but this is so painful and I loose another full day of work.

    UNINSTALLED, yet another Tab Add-On that causes crashes and corruptions, beware, if you use more then ten tabs as once, DO NOT INSTALL THIS ADD-ON.
  • Not working on Android at all, only my tabs were closed, remove this trash out of Android platform!!!


    Have read those comments related to Android now, and there are even many more 1 star comments which are of desktop platform, so it's unbelievable why this f**king VIRUS is still here when it always make frights to its user?!
    and when its developer team seems dead?!

    I am so mean to try this again and to have any wish on it. Damn!
  • Would be the best Add On I have used, stops the clutter.
  • firefox android. приходится несколько кликов делать. 1.открывается окно onetab. 2 нажимаем отправить все вкладки в onetab. лишнее действие, имхо.
    и отправит не все. только часть активных, может вообще 1 вкладку из сотни. зато закроет все вкладки.
  • Almost perfect extension. But can you add a night theme for tabs page? this pure white just burned out my eyes