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  • Me funciona y descarga en pdf super
  • Why pay money for this non-working piece of garbage when there are tools that do the same thing for free? (for example PDF Mage)
    This addon has too many limitations to charge money for using it.
  • It would be nice if this would work. I'll probably just disable it until I hear that it is fixed.
  • Still broken with update to 45.1
  • Have tried this addon in Firefox and the Flash images and other background images overlap and covers the text that you wish to save.
    However, if in case it has not worked in Firefox, then cut paste and go the same link in Google Chrome, and where this addon can be installed, you can save the PDF the way it is seen on your screen.
    Suffice to say, Ok to Bad as far as Firefox is concerned, but Good enough in Google Chrome.
  • they dont explain that they work like every other save as pdf service and convert it on their own server. you need to follow their link first. its not out of the box.
    its no product its a service. and you pay with your data for it.
    there can be no óther business model.
  • 404
  • Was hopeful it would be like Save As PDF builtin to GChrome. While neither can handle some protected pages, the GChrome builtin is generally much more useful: 1) has options, 2 embeds hyperlinks, 3) can print Selection, ....

    Could someone from Mozilla Please ask Google if they will share their builtin !
  • Simple as it gets. You click, it prompts you for a .pdf file!

    Haven't tested it throughly to find out the other people issues, but it's certainly not "useless". I love it!
  • Pointless and unneeded adds at page breaks... Removing now and never using again.
  • 1. This may not save the page showing on screen -- it saves the parent if you're viewing through a frame. Which makes it pretty much useless.
    2. It requires a PAID ACCOUNT if you want to adjust ANY parameters.

    This does NOT belong on the official Mozilla site.
  • Parabéns a todos os desenvolvedores. cumpre o que promete. rápido e fácil. uso e recomendo!
  • Effectively saves web pages as PDF. Processing large sites can take a few seconds.
    My only complaint is the PDFCROWD.COM tags in the PDF.
  • I printed CV with few pages - got ad on bottom. Useless app.
  • useless, can not save as PDF (multiple page). Can do with Chrome without any add-on
  • As it says in the title.
  • Rubbish. Wanted an add-on which could save long pages/bank statements. Still saved just the first page. What a waste of time.
  • Light, simple to use, one-click, saves image as well. However, it adds a watermark at the bottom of each page.
  • Basta um clique para gerar o pdf da página, e o pdf gerado fica perfeito. Só tem um porém: ela não gera o pdf da página toda, somente da área visível do site, para gerar um pdf completo da página é necessário adquirir uma licença.
  • thnx
  • I'm not seeing ad's and pop ups but the ability to rename a website upon a download should be incorporated into this add on. Check that - there are slim ad's but they're relatively unobtrusive and the plugin does work as billed.
  • just a trial, can't change any settings. You have to buy before it's of any use -_-
  • Really bad. Mozilla should not allow add-ons that are THAT bad and deceitful.
  • It's not free
  • This is a GREAT addon. It is easy to use - just click icon in addon bar and it converts tab to a pdf, which you can open in your pdf viewer or save to disk.
    The only caveats are:
    1 - If you have a site with pictures that have 'zoom features' etc, or other specialized features e.g. shockwave flash addons or javascript, it may not show up in your pdf. Certain pages won't convert - the PDF shows as "page not available' (or some other error) though you can see the page in your browser!

    2- Good and bad : this program converts to a pdf with a good 'zoom' percent - pictures and font are easily readable. However, in some cases, this results in a single webpage converting to a 40pg pdf!

    The above issues are easily addressed. I have downloaded this addon and I use it regularly.
    On the rare occasion I have had an issue it has related to the two above-mentioned caveats - in such instances this is easily addressed by using the "print pages to pdf" addon. It converts to a pdf file w/smaller font.
    Javascript/flash and other things convert easily because the pdf is essentially a screenshot capture --> which the program then converts to a pdf. What you see is what you get (but slightly smaller in size1
    -I use both apps because this one is FAR easier to use - 1 click operation.
    -the other takes a bit more time to convert and a bit more work, and it often hangs when converting and freezes. I thus use it infrequently and only as necessary.

    This pdf addon is my primary, and favourite addon for this purpose.