301 reviews
  • wow
  • This add-on saves web-pages partly. It ignores the most of pictures on pages
  • Great ext.
  • RIEN , nothing , nada . ... Ca ne marche pas
  • Does what it says on the tin; extremely useful for web pages that are hard to print.
  • Doesn't work. Just says ERR.
  • Requests the page again, instead of making pdf from current page state. This makes it completely useless.
  • Useless
  • This is merely a plugin that sends the URL to an online service. Needless to say, it only works on public webpages, not in places you need to login.
  • This addon does not do what it claims. It saves only the viewed area and forgets about the rest. Also it adds a huge annoying spam crap to the pdf itself. Completely unusable. I wouldnt pay for this.
  • This is about as useless as it can get. The plugin only saves whatever is currently visible on your screen. It does not scroll to capture the whole page.
  • Made a beautiful job of creating a 13 page PDF with the pdfcrowd banner at the bottom.

    Be kinda nice if there was actual content as well.
  • Rarely works properly. When it does, it's great. Most of the time, however, when I try to download and convert a webpage, it thinks I'm a robot and does nothing!
  • Formidable ! Un seul bouton, un seul clic et hop un beau PDF (quelques réglages possibles dans les modules)