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  • So-so "freemium". All the options are locked and the defaults aren't great. Not worthwhile.
  • Плохое качество, а также наносит на pdf сноску, что файл сделан с помомощью расширения, но лучших аналогов я не нашел.
  • The PDF made with this was broken up into many badly formatted pages with added messages about this extension. When you go to preferences to see if setting can be changed you discover that No they can't, not unless you buy the pro version.
  • Removing. Data that ONLY the paid version will allow saving a pdf to local computer NEEDS to be IN THE DESCRIPTION. I HATE lame-brained attempts to get people to pay by causing frustration. I get not being able to edit, but that you CANNOT even save a simple pdf as in Chrome is just wrong. Bugger off fools with your deceptive advertising.
  • doesn't do anything, no instructions
  • I guess I don't object to the ad on every PDF; it's not very obtrusive. I haven't tried saving a complex, interactive page.

    My problem, though, is that although the default setting is supposed to be portrait orientation (and like the other settings, is not changeable unless you pay), it isn't. It's landscape, and there's no way to change it.
  • кілька днів використовую, але він набагато простіший ніж інші типові,
    спочатку були проблеми в додавані іконки цього додатку на панель додатків, але коли добавив, все запрацювало
    він трохи довго опрацьовує сторінку, і швидкість опрацювання залежить від розміру сторінки
    мене влаштовує
  • It can not save the page you want, very poor.
  • Save every single page with banners and popups who ask to you to install premium version, no option to change cause it says you need premium version. Bad thing to use it.
  • don't what's the reason behind -ve comments may be they're drinking whisky while commenting
  • I've been using this plugin for years because its reliable, so I have no need to look for another tool for converting web pages to PDFs. Its one of a handful of add-ons that I install every time I reinstall my OS.
  • Excellent Addon!! I have tried other pdf to web convertors, But their final output is not perfect as this one!
  • Good, but not many options
  • The free version is too restricted
  • Not really an option for quick, free conversions.
  • Ok for static pages or fixed URLs, but fails completely for dynamically-generated URLs. The ads are unobtrusive. Useful, but not a patch on the PDF printing capability of FF in Ubuntu or on Mac.
  • thanks
  • Privacy concerns.
    Doesn't work fine.
    Shit, pure shit.
  • This addon works by sending the URL of the website you're viewing to their servers, then their server sends you back a PDF. Nevermind the privacy concerns, it also puts ads for their premium product. Yech. Go get PDFCreator instead.
  • This is a great add-on, when you don't have time to read the whole article on a web site. Saving to PDF in another plus.
  • Unless you buy their full version this is a total waste. Just don't bother. The full version may be good but this is to restrictive.
  • Very Nice Add-on,
    just if the creator could make it full feature like "print pages to pdf add-on" (e.g. saving all active webpages as pdf or batch saving) it could be really perfect, in my everyday needs' viewpoint.
    Over all, thank you for sharing with us.
    Best wishes.
  • It works, for some things. The plus is that it doesn't give you a set amount of PDF's per 30 days. The negative is that with web-mails and certain other "log in" accounts, it will not save the actual page you wish to save. Instead, it saves the login page. Poor quality, for saving documentation and receipts.
  • Like I'm sure others did, I installed this addon without checking the reviews first. This addon puts an adverstisement for a pro version of the addon in every pdf downloaded. Getting the pro version requires a paid account on their website. If ads in your pdfs don't bother you, go ahead and install this. But if you're like me and don't want ads, STAY AWAY FROM THIS ADDON!!!
  • Неплохо работает. Однако при попытке сохранить страницу, на которой требуется регистрация, ничего не получается. Видимо открывается другая сессия для повторного перечитывания страницы, а session cookies не передает, и в результате мне сохраняет совсем не ту страницу.