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  • The free version is too restricted
  • Not really an option for quick, free conversions.
  • Ok for static pages or fixed URLs, but fails completely for dynamically-generated URLs. The ads are unobtrusive. Useful, but not a patch on the PDF printing capability of FF in Ubuntu or on Mac.
  • thanks
  • Privacy concerns.
    Doesn't work fine.
    Shit, pure shit.
  • This addon works by sending the URL of the website you're viewing to their servers, then their server sends you back a PDF. Nevermind the privacy concerns, it also puts ads for their premium product. Yech. Go get PDFCreator instead.
  • This is a great add-on, when you don't have time to read the whole article on a web site. Saving to PDF in another plus.
  • Unless you buy their full version this is a total waste. Just don't bother. The full version may be good but this is to restrictive.
  • Very Nice Add-on,
    just if the creator could make it full feature like "print pages to pdf add-on" (e.g. saving all active webpages as pdf or batch saving) it could be really perfect, in my everyday needs' viewpoint.
    Over all, thank you for sharing with us.
    Best wishes.
  • It works, for some things. The plus is that it doesn't give you a set amount of PDF's per 30 days. The negative is that with web-mails and certain other "log in" accounts, it will not save the actual page you wish to save. Instead, it saves the login page. Poor quality, for saving documentation and receipts.
  • Like I'm sure others did, I installed this addon without checking the reviews first. This addon puts an adverstisement for a pro version of the addon in every pdf downloaded. Getting the pro version requires a paid account on their website. If ads in your pdfs don't bother you, go ahead and install this. But if you're like me and don't want ads, STAY AWAY FROM THIS ADDON!!!
  • Неплохо работает. Однако при попытке сохранить страницу, на которой требуется регистрация, ничего не получается. Видимо открывается другая сессия для повторного перечитывания страницы, а session cookies не передает, и в результате мне сохраняет совсем не ту страницу.
  • Not what it appears to be.
    Careful with disclosing information, it will return to fill your inbox.
    I'm surprised Firefox allows this AddOn and developer to 'use' their site as they do.
  • Засега най-добрата и полезна добавка, ако някой иска да запази страница с текст, образи и линкове.
    The best and most useful addon if one needs to save a web page as text, images and links.
  • Service is EXCELLENT but carried out on a machine with NO privacy policies. May cost but programs have been available to do this at HOME for YEARS - in fact it was either one hell of an eye-skip, or I failed to notice, or didn't check the details, when I loaded this creature up, and I don't know HOW much personal info they stole from me. This kind of site should be BOYCOTTED unless it comes clean, destroys whatever files it has, after sending all users a list of material gathered and who it has been sold to - apparently the outfit's only source of income, since no other is listed.
  • Works for me although I didn't expect it to because of previous reviews. Tiny adverting for their company on bottom of every page but no big deal. Actually saves text so you can search it- not just an image screen shot.
  • Saved pdf documents of the websites login page, not the actual document I was looking at.
  • Did not work. Unclickable button.
  • Along with the security hole of sending you output through a 3-rd party website, this is mostly an ad for their online service. Boooo!
  • Buying a license is the only way to get use out of this add-on. The default settings do not reformat the page and text for easier reading, editing, or printing.
  • subj
  • awesome
  • -- uses online services
    -- brakes the web page formatting
  • 谁用谁知道
  • I was unable to save my bank account summary page so that I could email the image. The page was saved as 49 separate gif files. I couldn't figure how to converge those files into a single image file using the program options configuration menu. It's a very complex menu.

    "Save as PDF" also seems to be a teaser for a paid internet service. This company seems to have found a way to have their internet service "advertised" for free on FF, an open and public program. I apologize if I'm wrong.