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  • One click didn't show in Firefox 6. Unless I'm missing something, it appears this add-on is incompatible with Firefox 6.
  • Ad's placed inside pdf and that makes the pdf ugly. I would prefer to have a ad-free pdf addon... ever thought of a pro version ?
  • does not work on a LOT of pages and I get errors on secure sites.
  • It won't save any page I have tried and you can't change any options (which might help) unless you pay for it.
  • Payware Junk
  • funziona molto bene, semplice e veloce
  • The good point is that it can generate a pdf with single page (one long page), which i have never found in other applications so far. The down side is that it can not change the default font even you have registered. This gives you pretty ugly pdf files.
  • 5 stars

    Muy bueno , pero no funciona para Firefox 4 :(
  • Not work in Firefox 4!! :-(
  • good to use!!
  • this is an alternative and i found it much better.http://pdfmyurl.com/
  • Nice
  • От козлота. Донаторский!
  • While the free version does not let you change any settings, it does indeed work as it claims. However, even though the settings say 'Portrait', each page in the PDF shows up as Landscape!
  • It worked perfectly for me!
    In need of a converter from HTML pages to PDF, and this program until then unknown, was the best! conversion as identical as possible with content, images presented no problems, no delays in the conversion, very practical, etc ...

    Thanks to the creator of the program!
  • Muy bueno
  • Works properly with FF3.6 and FoxitReader. No problems.
  • Be careful, it's a trap ($19.50) if you want to use the extension. I don't like the Author.
  • only save login page ! can not save orig. page !
  • Save as PDF does a job of saving the entire visible web page, however... at a cost. Firstly, you are required to be connected to the internet at the time when you decide to save a desired page. You will not be able to save anything in PDF when working offline. It may not seem like a big issue at first, but what get me irritated is average waiting time of 12sec on 384Kbps connection to launch the saving dialogue box. Alright, you manage to wait for the "save as" box, now it seems you can't rename the file till its fully downloaded on your PC. Web pages are saved in landscape which complicates things when you have a lengthy hardware review you want to save and make it printer and reading friendly. Additionally, you are unable to save preselected/highlighted text as .PDF either.

    One would have to consider a 3rd party program to edit all these inconveniences (Eg. removing advertisements)

    One other positive comment that is worth mentioning is that now you can preserve a font and layout of web pages and simplify sharing with pdf's instead of HTML saved pages which opens differently running various browsers out there.
  • Como todos los complementos, ponen su logo en el documento, pero este en particular lo pone muy pequeño, no como otros que lo ponen enorme.
  • this might be cool if it didn't use HTTP to save it, when i'm trying to save a page as a pdf on a site that requires a login......all that's saved is the page w/ the login form....
  • I don't get how this works. I cannot find no way of saving the webpage as pdf once i have this addon installed. I installed it. Went into addons options, it told me i needed to goto your webpage. Once i got there it then asks me to sign up to save settings, which i did. I then closed the window and went back to firefox addons, and clicked on save to pdf options, Again i got the same screen asking me to goto the website. I went back time and time again, Checked the forums on the websites but nothing to show what may be happening! I also checked in customized menus, to see if there was maybe an icon to put on my toolbar, nothing there, i also tried my context menu on a webpage, but again nothing there. Ive tried a number of things and i cannot see anything related to this addon, apart from that i have it installed. Not sure if its maybe a conflict with some other addons i have, but because i cannot get it to work. Im afraid i can only review this 2 stars for now. I will of course review my review, if any future updates appear.
    Keep up the hard work, and i look forward to seeing some future updates. Until then i`ll stick with what i know works, which is web2pdf.

    Keep it up though guys, im sure its just maybe a conflict with my addons. If you would like a list of them please let me know.