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  • Paid app, forced to pay for customization rather than limiting use or pages that you are able to save withing a session. A complete waste of time. Won't support any such practices especially when I can use OS X native PDF save from print.
  • Is a pay app, if you need some minimun castomization you have to pay... so waste of time!
  • Nice work!
  • One star for wasting my time with scamy apps
  • There are some little ads in the very bottom of every .pdf file that this extension downloads. But in my opinion, this one's the best when compared to the other PDF downloaders.
  • I found this fabulous in the beginning but later I realized that it does not print H1, H2, H3, H4 and any other headers
  • best way to save web page as pdf
  • Ne génère que des pages pdf en mode paysage. Pas pratique. Autant utiliser le programme PDFCreator qui fait le même boulot mais en portrait A4 !
  • I am very happy with this add-on because there are some business related notes available in webpages but not in PDF , This add-on helps us to save that particular web page into PDF and we can continue our study offline . Some time for taking Bus ticket or Train ticket from web pages needs so much of efforts for saving that in PDF but with the help of this Add-on we can achieve that easily.

    I am Grateful and thankful to the Developers of this Add-on.

  • i tried to convert a web page on lyricsfreak. This addon only give me a pdf file with some flash advertisement and two black blank pages.
    It only works on simple web pages.
  • bad, so bad
  • Awesome ad-don. Makes things easier for me because i don't have direct internet access. It saves me a lot of money (cyber cafe' internet charges) especially with the online step by step tutorials i take, which take a lot of time. Also my college research is simplified by this ad-on. I work offline comfortably with the saved pdf's without having to worry about extra expenses....Its a BIG plus for me!
  • It will be a good tool when you buy it.
  • Not very useful unless you purchase the paid version---would not recommend.
  • Great addon, just a shame it currently (that I'm aware of) has no support for Mozilla's Seamonkey, it is only that which stopped me giving a 5* review.
  • I needed a way to save PDF files from a website that requires a log in. Even though I have navigated to a different window to view the html page I want to save, it still only prints the log in screen. PrintPDF does work properly, so it is possible to save the pages as PDF.
  • I use the Pro version and have not experienced the problems with embedded ads in the documents. You have to either enable 3rd party cookies or set Firefox to always allow cookies from pdfcrowd.com.
  • It embeds spam links on every page of the document for PRO VERSION and other software.

  • hey friend ,,, this is very nice and very useful add-ons ,, but can you please update this for newer version of mozilla(11).
  • Doesn't work for local pages. It doesn't warn you about it, just does nothing. Very user unfriendly imho.
  • I did not need to get a blank page
  • works fine with ff8,great job!! and keep software free!!
  • it is very good ad ons
  • Fails miserably when saving pages which has any dynamic content. Also, it is not safe, takes your URL and tries to convert it in a remote server.
  • Button really big, firefox 7.0.1. Please remade it