292 reviews
  • Will not save the page I requested. It saves a page randomly from the entire file; it will not let you pick and choose what to save as PDF
  • Simple to use and just works. Just need to add 'button' as per instructions. Free version adds a little advert for Pdfcrowd to bottom of page but then it is free! Using version 1.11
  • I wanted to use it for this site: https://www.lifewire.com/edit-received-message-outlook-1173780
    But it garbled it up.
  • Personally it is a very good tool of the best that there is to download information of the web and to have it in an easy document, censillo to use.
  • Free version is a piece of crap. Not download thumbnails and lack of setting. Users should try another converter.
  • Thanks! very nice!
    Does the screen for the authorized user
  • very usful
  • Installed nicely and visible in the add-on list of plugins installed. But nowhere to be found on toolbar or in save as.
  • Firefox doesn't want others PDF Printers than the commercial "Full Web Page Screenshots" (ask u why?!!)!!
    "Print pages to Pdf" is the best but has been killed by Firefox. Let's retrieve it on fab' Pale Moon!!
  • Сохраняет не ту страницу
  • Doesn't work
  • This add on is the best. Never have had an issue with it. Thank you for an awesome add on.
  • There's two firefox addons with similar names. One doesn't add any button. The other adds a button that does nothing whatsoever when you click on it. Do not waste your time.
  • When I uniinstalled this application it left something inside my browser that causes a message "Thanks for using Web to PDF" every time the browser is activated. It does work but don't expect to uninstall it unless you want to remove and re-install your browser(s) in order to get rid of the nag message.
  • Tried it, it's crap, deleted it. Please don't waste your time too.
  • No es util. Es paga para personalizar y es dificil de usar.
  • Umwandlung findet in der "Cloud" beim Anbieter statt. Nicht was ich mir vorstelle.
  • dice que es gratis, pero cuando quieres personalizar la hoja o cambiar algo en los ajustes dice que hay que pagar para conseguir la version pro..
  • no me gusta. dicen que es gratis pero a la primera cosa que uno quiere hacer hay que pagar una versión pro.
  • Probado en GNU/Linux Debian 8.6
    1 click, guardar y listo. Va excelente!
  • Excellent
    met my needs , didn't have to do any sign ups ! idk what these ppl are talking about :/
  • After trying couple of other plugins which never did what they claimed to do so, this is a perfect one
  • Does not work, but pushes the need to buy the Pro version instead. There are many similar dishonest plugins pretending to offer the same service. PDF Mage has a high review score, so I will try that one. This one will be removed.
  • poor
  • Doesn't work with Firefox and needs online signup.