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  • Speichert die Seiten NICHT orginalgetreu und macht es im Endeffekt unlesbar. 6. Setzen!
  • save as pdf is very useful addon, this addon was a big help in my work and my research.
  • Adds an ad bar to every conversion.
  • Works in some sites, do NOT work in sites that need authentication, like Internet Banking, bugtrakers, foruns...
  • 0/20
  • Doesn't work with local html pages
  • the saved pdf lost picture
  • I am in PhD course.

    So I want to sort and store interested abstracts HTML to PDF.

    I have got the same quality PDF with the HTML in my Firefox.

    my fox is Firefox Quantum 57.0.3. (64-bit).

    Good in my work.
  • Works fine on Chrome, doesn't work on firefox. Just animates a bit when you click on it, then nothing happens with no status update.
  • Does not work correctly. Webpage saved 3 images that didn't even appear on the visible webpage, and none of the text which I was trying to save.
  • Lovely
  • trop chère
  • Fuck this SAAS
  • d
  • fácil e rápido. Recomendo
  • The best add-on in this category. Excellent, fast, intuitive and reliable. Thank you.
  • so, what?

    At least, via the opencrowd interface, it allows me, compared to others trying the same, to set a /few/ parameters. But, for example, not the place where I want to have it saved. Definitely not in my users/appdata/..temp folder.

    The parameters in the setup page are in inches only. That is good 1960 practice, but we live some time later now. Make a not-Armorica-first version!

    Other important pdf parameters are disregarded too.

    And cutting a graphic in two pieces because there happens to be a page break is not very professional.

    No way to deal, sorry.

    Purged from my addons.
  • Não funciona
  • 1. It messes up icon location in Firefox's Hamburger Menu. Just try to put additional icons after icon of this addon and you see multiple empty spaces.
    2. Instead of just simple saving page to pdf it tries doing something else that at the end It dowsn't save page as it looks because 'for security reasons it doesn't support pages where servers identifies user'.