300 reviews
  • This needs to save the actual page, instead of taking it to a thrid party to load. It does not save what is on the screen.
  • works through a third-party server. it is dangerous. many pages will not be saved.
  • Useful, thanks
  • The default settings might work for some, but they chop the pages in ways that looked more like a series of HORIZONTAL screenshots, but, CAN you change the settings to your liking? SURE!, but you will need to pay a montly fee of 10 US dollars, so no thanks.
  • as stençao facilita muito o nosso trabalhos .
  • Leitet in irgendeine WEB Seite um.
  • Utter garbage.Don't bother with this.
  • Speichert die Seiten NICHT orginalgetreu und macht es im Endeffekt unlesbar. 6. Setzen!
  • save as pdf is very useful addon, this addon was a big help in my work and my research.
  • Adds an ad bar to every conversion.
  • Works in some sites, do NOT work in sites that need authentication, like Internet Banking, bugtrakers, foruns...
  • 0/20
  • Doesn't work with local html pages
  • the saved pdf lost picture
  • I am in PhD course.

    So I want to sort and store interested abstracts HTML to PDF.

    I have got the same quality PDF with the HTML in my Firefox.

    my fox is Firefox Quantum 57.0.3. (64-bit).

    Good in my work.
  • Works fine on Chrome, doesn't work on firefox. Just animates a bit when you click on it, then nothing happens with no status update.
  • Does not work correctly. Webpage saved 3 images that didn't even appear on the visible webpage, and none of the text which I was trying to save.
  • Lovely
  • trop chère
  • Fuck this SAAS
  • d