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  • This is about as useless as it can get. The plugin only saves whatever is currently visible on your screen. It does not scroll to capture the whole page.
  • Made a beautiful job of creating a 13 page PDF with the pdfcrowd banner at the bottom.

    Be kinda nice if there was actual content as well.
  • Rarely works properly. When it does, it's great. Most of the time, however, when I try to download and convert a webpage, it thinks I'm a robot and does nothing!
  • Formidable ! Un seul bouton, un seul clic et hop un beau PDF (quelques réglages possibles dans les modules)
  • I like the simplicity and speed of this addon. Although it would be great to be able to configure download location automatically for pdfs. For example, storing pdfs directly to documents folder.
  • This needs to save the actual page, instead of taking it to a thrid party to load. It does not save what is on the screen.
  • works through a third-party server. it is dangerous. many pages will not be saved.
  • Useful, thanks
  • The default settings might work for some, but they chop the pages in ways that looked more like a series of HORIZONTAL screenshots, but, CAN you change the settings to your liking? SURE!, but you will need to pay a montly fee of 10 US dollars, so no thanks.
  • as stençao facilita muito o nosso trabalhos .
  • Leitet in irgendeine WEB Seite um.
  • Utter garbage.Don't bother with this.
  • Speichert die Seiten NICHT orginalgetreu und macht es im Endeffekt unlesbar. 6. Setzen!
  • save as pdf is very useful addon, this addon was a big help in my work and my research.
  • Adds an ad bar to every conversion.
  • Works in some sites, do NOT work in sites that need authentication, like Internet Banking, bugtrakers, foruns...
  • 0/20
  • Doesn't work with local html pages
  • the saved pdf lost picture
  • I am in PhD course.

    So I want to sort and store interested abstracts HTML to PDF.

    I have got the same quality PDF with the HTML in my Firefox.

    my fox is Firefox Quantum 57.0.3. (64-bit).

    Good in my work.