176 reviews
  • Excelente pero lo deseo en español
  • It did not allow the entire page to be viewed in reader mode. It only showed the top third (or so), leaving the rest off.
  • we cannot customize the background color and fonts. The web page is bleeding my eyes with white background, and the reader opens it in the same way...
  • There are no options. There is nothing to configure.
  • It is so much more pleasant to read pages when they are formatted for reading, without ads, and I like the time to read estimates as well.

  • I love this add-on for Firefox. This add-on makes everything so easy and that's what we're all looking for. My time is important this is a fast easy option for what it is. Simplicity makes life better!
  • I have used this Add-On for over a year. Superb!
  • Awesome! I would recommend this for everyone!