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  • I have used this Add-On for over a year. Superb!
  • Awesome! I would recommend this for everyone!
  • Awesome, much better than expected. Thanks for the good job done :)
  • ">
  • Wow! This add-on is very useful and the best reader. Keep it up!
  • good work
  • I have loved Reader for at least a year. Now, the last few days, there is no longer an icon in the address bar, and no choices for page color and font. Can't remember when FF last upgraded, currently 58.0.2. Very much missing the sepia tone + brown helvetica font.

    ( re icon: in the past, a small grey tile, like a page of text, sat in address bar. This was in addition to, or instead of, the orange R tile, which I have now brought back into my toolbar.) Even tried downloading Reader again, but no change.
  • nice
  • Computer freezes when used with CNN and doesn't work with Huffington post. Removed it
  • I use Firefox Nightly 59 64 bit. And this addon does not show up anywhere... so I can click on the addon button so I can use it.
  • Not working as advertised. There's no way to change fonts, backgrounds, etc.
  • "Keyboard short-cut to activate Reader is CTRL+ALT+R combination"

    Does not work for me in the latest version, earlier versions did, is this a problem with the WE version ? I am using Firefox 56.0.2 and will not upgrade to 57
  • Great add on that does what it advertised it would do. Can be a bit slow but that's only occasionally.
  • Does what it advertises. A bit slow.
  • very good
  • After lurking for about 5 minutes I couldn't find the settings I could change the font and background color.