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  • I use Firefox Nightly 59 64 bit. And this addon does not show up anywhere... so I can click on the addon button so I can use it.
  • Not working as advertised. There's no way to change fonts, backgrounds, etc.
  • "Keyboard short-cut to activate Reader is CTRL+ALT+R combination"

    Does not work for me in the latest version, earlier versions did, is this a problem with the WE version ? I am using Firefox 56.0.2 and will not upgrade to 57
  • Great add on that does what it advertised it would do. Can be a bit slow but that's only occasionally.
  • Does what it advertises. A bit slow.
  • very good
  • After lurking for about 5 minutes I couldn't find the settings I could change the font and background color.
  • Doesn't seem to be working as expected with Firefox Android. I could enable to Reader Mode but I couldn't find any way to modify font, background color, etc. The add-on didn't have any Options menu in the Add-ons settings either. Also there was a bug with width handling. About 20% of the text went out of the container.
  • Kinda works. Installed this last year. Original installation worked fully. I could click the button, extract article text the click the voice sound option (left side bar) to read text. After Firefox update clicking button only extracts text. Ctrl-Alt-R still provides full function. However, its not clear if FF will break this in the future.
  • Not show full page. Only header.
  • Perfect tool to help you read articles and ebooks on the internet, especially for those that have eye sight problems or simply find it hard to read small print. Great add-on.
  • I haven't seen any customizations available (font, select and read, etc.).
    When I go to Reader view I usually get a title that has nothing to do with the page I want to view (title is right, what follows isn't right).
    Right clicking orange R doesn't result in anything other than a dropdown starting with "Pin to Overflow Menu" and "Remove from Toolbar".
    Is there a tutorial somewhere?
  • It claims "Also by right clicking on Reader status-bar icon you can get other Styling Options," but right-clicking on Reader icon does not provide any styling options!
  • Bagus
  • Complete fail. I was looking for a FF version of the excellent Chrome extension 'Just Read', but didn't find one. This was one of only two readers available for FF.


    • no keyboard shortcut
    • no images
    • nested pages––had to click on the inner page to be able to scroll
    • even clicking on the icon didn't restore view––had to reload page
    • basic simple text

    Chrome 'Just Read':

    • keyboard shortcut activates AND deactivates extension
    • images included
    • single page that scrolls without having to click on it
    • easy-to-read formatted text